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This is page 6 of 11 tracing the descendants of John Parris & Jane Neville, and the links by marriage to the Beadle, Harris (of Halling), Homewood, Luchford, Mayatt, Monk, Neville, Payne, Roots & Tomkin families. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Parris Family of Wrotham, Kent

25. Link to censusHenry PARRIS [Parents]. Born quarter ending June 1861 in Halling, Henry died quarter ending September 1918 in Strood, age 57. Occupation: Chalk pit labourer.

On 30/4/1883 when Henry was 21, he married Eleanor-Sarah Turner CRADDUCK, daughter of Thomas Turner CRADDUCK & Maria HOMEWOOD, at St Mary’s Church, West Malling. Born about 1862 in East Peckham, Eleanor-Sarah died November 1883, age about 21.

They had the following child:

(1) Eleanor Maud, born 22/10/1883 in West Malling & died quarter ending June 1886 in Strood, age 2.

On 19/10/1885 when Henry was 24, he married Ellen TOMKIN, daughter of George Richard TOMKIN & Ansley TAPP, in Stansted. Born 1/10/1863 in Dunks Green, Wrotham, Ellen was baptized 25/10/1863 in Plaxtol & died 24/8/1943 at 1 Pilgrim Cottages, Upper Halling, age 79. She was buried 26/8/1943 in Halling.

They had the following children:

(1) Emily Phyllis, born 3/8/1888, 11 Barn Meadow Cottages, Halling. On 11/10/1915, when Emily was age 28, she married Tom GREEN, son of William GREEN, a retired Minister, at the Parish Church, Halling. Emily died 1964, age 75. (2) Mary, born 1889. On 10/1/1914, when Mary was age 25, she married Edmund George DODGE at the Parish Church, Halling. (3) Annie, born about 1891 and died 27/11/1979, age 89, in Halling. On 26/4/1911, when Annie was age about 20, she married Frederick Charles DODGE at the Parish Church, Halling. Frederick Charles died 4/3/1968, age 76, also in Halling. (4) Emma, born 12/9/1891 & baptized (as an adult) 1/12/1926. (5) Nellie, born 17/4/1896 in Halling & baptized (as an adult) 1/12/1926. On 22/1/1918, when Nellie was age 21, she married Edgar STEVENS at the Parish Church, Halling. (6) William Henry, born 22/1/1899 in Halling and died 1969 in Chatham, age 70. In 1927, when William Henry was age 28, he married Annie Maria MILLER (1901-1981) in Halling. They had one child who may still be living. (7) Rhoda, born 29/6/1901 & baptized as an adult 6/4/1930 at St John the Baptist, Halling. Rhoda died 28/10/1965, in Halling. She married Daniel George ROOTS. (8) Leslie [46]. (9) Evelyn Frances, born 20/2/1907 in Halling. On 23/8/1930, when Evelyn was age 23, she married George Rowland BLACKMAN at the Parish Church, Halling.

26.Link to census Alfred George PARRIS [Parents]. Born 30/5/1863 in Halling, Alfred George died April 1916, age 52. He was buried 15/4/1916 in Halling.

On 24/7/1882, when Alfred George was age 19, he married Mary Ellen CAPON, daughter of James CAPON, at St Mary Parish Church, Strood. Mary Ellen was born 1/10/1862 in Snodland & died 1930, age about 68.

They had the following children:

(1) Ada Rebecca Capon, born 30/5/1883 in Snodland. On 28/11/1903, when Ada was age 20, she married Ernest John MAYATT, son of William MAYATT & Amelia MONK, at the Parish Church, Halling. (2) Cicely M. E., born about 1885 in Snodland. (3) George Edmund Wood, born 4/6/1886 in Birling. (4) William Henry James [47]. (5) James Capon [48]. (6) Jane Frances, born 1/4/1892 in Hoxton, London. (7) Rosalind May, born 13/9/1893 in Hoxton. (8) Alfred Thomas, born 29/11/1894 in Hoxton and died 3/6/1984 in Snodland, age 89. On 27/3/1915, when Alfred was age 20, he married Alice Mary ALLINGHAM (1892-1967) in Malling. (9) Ernest Albert Victor, born 3/9/1896 in Upper Halling. (10) Violet Ruth, born 9/8/1898 in Upper Halling. (11) Grace Evelyn, born 16/6/1900 in Upper Halling. (12) Elsie Constance Naomi, born 17/7/1902 in Upper Halling. (13) Alfred Richard John, born 3/7/1904 in Upper Halling and died quarter ending September 1961 in Maidstone, age 57. On 19/4/1924, when Alfred was age 19, he married Anna Matilda BENGER (1893-1956) in Malling. An entry in the National Probate Calendar reads: “PARRIS Anna Matilda of 25 Lee Road Snodland Rochester (wife of Alfred Richard John Parris) died 15 December 1956 Administration London 12 February to the said Alfred Richard John Parris excavator driver. Effects £331 12s. 4d.” (The equivalent of around £8000 today.) (14) Augustus Claude, born 12/7/1906 in Upper Halling & died age 2 months. He was buried 29/9/1906 in Halling.

27.Link to census Edward PARRIS [Parents]. Born quarter ending September 1874 in Halling, Edward died November 1915 in Snodland, age 41. He was buried 15/11/1915 in Snodland cemetery. Occupation: Lime Labourer (1901); Carrier & Coal Merchant (1911).

In the quarter ending September 1897, when Edward was age about 23, he married Ada Emily EDMONDS in Strood. Ada Emily was born about 1868 in Hornsey, Middlesex.

They had one child:

(1) Edward William [49].

28.Link to census John Alfred PARRIS [Parents]. Born 21/2/1852, in Halling & baptized 13/6/1852, John Alfred left England in 1858 with his parents to start a new life in Somonauk, Illinois, USA. John Alfred died 1919 & was buried in Sandwich cemetery, Illinois.

Link to historical noteOn 21/2/1887 on his 35th birthday, John Alfred married Elizabeth SMITH, daughter of Charles SMITH, from New York, in Sandwich, Illinois.

They had the following children:

(1) Eva Gladys, born in Illinois. (2) John Henry [50].

Sixth Generation (continued)

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