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This page provides information about the Tomkin family of Wrotham, Kent. They married into the Parris family on at least three occasions. Those connections are shown on this page. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Tomkin Family of Wrotham, Kent

First Generation

1.Link to census William TOMKIN. Born about 1805 in Wrotham, William died 1880 in Malling, age about 74. Occupation: Variously  Bailiff, Agricultural labourer, Carter.

On 22/11/1829, when William was age about 24, he married Ruth LONGLEY in Offham. Ruth was born about 1803 in Ryarsh and died quarter ending March 1879, age about 75.

They had the following children:

(1) Eleanor, born about 1830 in Wrotham. (2) Rebecca, born about 1832. (3) George Richard [2]. (4) Emily, born about 1840 in Ightham. On 24/7/1869, when Emily was age about 29, she married George PARRIS, son of George PARRIS and Susannah BURNETT. (5) Mary, born about 1844.

Second Generation

2. Link to censusGeorge Richard TOMKIN [Parents]. Baptized 2/10/1836 in Ightham, George died in 1919, age 82. Occupation: Agricultural labourer.

On 13/10/1860, when George was age 24, he married Ansley TAPP, daughter of Richard TAPP and Mary Ann NORTON. Ansley was born 1840 in West Peckham, Kent, and died in 1920 age about 80. Ansley’s forename was variously recorded in the archives as Ann, Anesley, Audsley, Ansley.

They had the following children:

(1) William, baptized about 24/3/1861 in Wrotham. In 1890, when William was age about 29, he married Emily Rachel SMITH in Dartford. (2) Emily Mary, baptized 27/7/1862 in Plaxtol. (3) Ellen, born 1/10/1863 in Dunks Green, Wrotham and baptized 25/10/1863 in Plaxtol. Ellen died 24/8/1943, age 79 and was buried 26/8/1943 in St John The Baptist Church, Halling. On 19/10/1885, when Ellen was 22, she married Henry PARRIS, son of William PARRIS and Mary LUCHFORD, in Stansted. (4) Rhoda, born 1865 in Ightham, Rhoda died February 1940 in Lower Halling, age 75. She was buried 8/2/1940 in Halling. On 4/8/1884 when Rhoda  was age about 19, she married Thomas PARRIS, son of William PARRIS and Mary LUCHFORD, in Halling. (5) George [3]. (6) Arabella, born about 1869 in Wrotham. (7) Ansley, born about 1870, in Wrotham. (8) Elizabeth, born about 1872 in Ash. (9) Alfred, born about 1875 in Ash. (10) Edith Clara, born about 1877 in Ash. (11) Beatrice, born about 1880 in Ash. (12) Jesse David, born about 1883 in Ash.

Third Generation

3. Link to censusGeorge TOMKIN [Parents]. Born 13/12/1866 in Crouch, Wrotham, George died 1926, age about 60. Occupation: Labourer.

In 1889, when George was age about 23, he married Elizabeth COLLINS in Strood. Elizabeth was born about 1869 in Cobham, Kent. It is not known when she died.

They had the following children:

(1) Emily, born 1890 in Halling. (2) Frederick, born 1892 in Halling. (3) Alfred Henry, born 1894 in Halling. Alfred Henry married Elsie and had two daughters, Mavis and Myrtle. (4) Alice, born 1897 in Halling. (5) Myrtle May, born 8/8/1898 in Halling. In 1919, when Myrtle May was age 21, she married George William Charles Henry HOILE. (6) Ivy Ethel, born about 1901 in Halling. (7) Olive Gladys, born about 1903 in Halling. (8) Leonard Harold, born 1907 in Halling. (9) Albert, born about 1909 in Halling.