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This is page 2 of 3 tracing the history of the Homewood family who were originally from Sussex, but settled in East Peckham & Hadlow in Kent. It shows the links by marriage to the Parris, Luchford, Harris & Roots families. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Homewood Family of Hadlow, Kent

Third Generation

4.Link to census Maria HOMEWOOD [Parents]. Baptized 24/9/1837 in Hadlow, it is not known when Maria died but she does not appear in the 1901 census.

Maria had the following child whose father is unknown:

(1) Richard Shoebridge [8]

In the quarter ending June 1861, when Maria was age 24, she married Thomas Turner CRADDUCK in Malling. Thomas was born about 1837 in Headcorn, Kent and died quarter ending March 1870 in Malling, age about 33.

They had the following children, all born East Peckham:

(1) Eleanor-Sarah Turner, born about 1861. On 30/4/1883, when Eleanor-Sarah was age about  21, she married Henry PARRIS, son of William PARRIS & Mary LUCHFORD, at St John the Baptist Church, Halling. (2) William Henry Turner, born quarter ending September 1863. (3) Annie Maria, born quarter ending June 1865. In the quarter ending December 1882, when Annie Maria was age 17, she married Edward JUPP in Malling.

On 14/4/1881, when Maria was age 43, she married George JOHNSON in Malling. There is no evidence that they had any children.

5.Link to census Stephen HOMEWOOD [Parents]. Born quarter ending September 1841 & baptized 17/10/1841 in Hadlow, Stephen died quarter ending March 1914 in Maidstone, age 72. Occupation: Ag. Labourer.

In the quarter ending December 1864, when Stephen was age 23, he married Eleanor JARRETT in Malling. Eleanor was born quarter ending June 1842 in Aylesford.

They had the following children:

(1) Annie, born quarter ending June 1865 in Snodland. (2) Frederick, born quarter ending September 1868 in Snodland. (3) Emily, born quarter ending December 1870 in Snodland. Emily died 1872 age about 2. (4) Alfred, born quarter ending December 1872 in Snodland. (5) Stephen, born quarter ending March 1874 in Snodland. (6) William, born quarter ending June 1875 in Loose. (7) Ruth, born quarter ending December 1877 in Loose. (8) Louisa, born quarter ending March 1880 in Loose. (9) Ambrose, born quarter ending September 1882 in Loose.

Eleanor also had the following child (father unknown) before she married Stephen:

(1) Walter JARRETT, born quarter ending March 1862 in Aylesford. In the quarter ending June 1892, when Walter was age 30, he married Edith Louisa WATERS in Maidstone. Walter was a Stoker in the Royal Navy.

6Link to census. Ambrose HOMEWOOD [Parents]. Baptized 21/1/1844 in East Peckham, Ambrose died quarter ending March 1914 in Strood, age 70. Occupation: Charcoal burner; Chalk quarry labourer.

On 19/11/1864, when Ambrose was age 20, he married Dorothy PARRIS, daughter of James PARRIS and Mary Ann HARRIS, in Halling.

They had the following children:

(1) Eleanor Lavinia, baptized 11/11/1866 in Burham & died 1902 in Arkansas, USA, age about 35. In the quarter ending September 1877, when Eleanor was age 20, she married John Henry HOBBS in Kent. John was born 15/11/1866 in Kent & died 1957 in Arkansas, age about 89. On 30/9/1887 Eleanor & John arrived in New York  aboard the “Rotterdam”. The passenger list shows their destination as Iowa, where they lived (in Muskingum County) until about 1894 when they moved to a community near Rudy, Crawford County, Arkansas, which was later renamed Hobbtown. (2) William James, baptized 15/1/1871 in Burham. William died quarter ending June 1875, age 6. (3) Edith Maud, baptized 15/1/1871 in Burham. (4) Agnes, born quarter ending March 1875 in Halling. (5) Emma, born quarter ending September 1880 in Halling. (6) Jane, born quarter ending September 1880 in Halling. (7) Harold Ralph, born quarter ending December 1881 in Halling & died there quarter ending March 1918, age about 36. (8) Herbert Ambrose [9]. (9) Henry Lewis, born quarter ending September 1887 in Halling.

Link to census7. Frederick HOMEWOOD [Parents]. Born quarter ending June 1848 in East Peckham, Frederick died quarter ending September 1901 in Malling, age 53.  Occupation: Charcoal burner; Groom.

On 20/10 1869, when Frederick was age 21, he married Elizabeth Butler BEANEY in Holy Trinity Church, East Packham. Elizabeth was born about 1846 in Woodchurch.

They had the following children, all born East Peckham:

(1) Beatrice Lourston, born quarter ending September 1870. (2) Agnes Bertha, born quarter ending January 1875. (3) Harriett Lizzie, born quarter ending June 1878. (4) Eleanor Maud, born quarter ending June 1880. (5) Frederick, born about 1882.

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