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This is page 11 of 19 tracing the history of the Chapple family of Devon. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Chapple Family of Devon

59.Link to census William Henry CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 12/5/1844 in Bridport, William Henry died 19/6/1924 in London, age 80 and was buried 23/6/1924 in Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington. Occupation: Wire worker.

On 1/4/1867 ,when William Henry was 22, he married Catherine TIPPINS, daughter of William Jonathan TIPPINS & Martha HODGE, in the Parish Church, Haggerston, London. Born 7/2/1846 in 2 Upsdells Row, Hackney, London, Catherine died 12/9/1911, in Islington, age 65. She was buried 18/9/1911 in Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington. Occupation: Pianist.

They had the following children:

(1)Link to historical note William Thomas [80]. (2) Arthur [81]. (3) Charles Frederick [82]. (4) Clara Florence, born 9/3/1874 & baptized 12/4/1874 in St Leonards, Shoreditch. Clara died 1/10/1875 at 19 Upton Street, Kingsland, Hackney. Cause of death certified by J. A. Rayner MRCP as “Tabes Mesenterica”. (5) Edward Albert, born 17/3/1876 in Hackney & baptized 9/4/1876 at St Leonard’s, Shoreditch. Edward died quarter ending September 1876. (6) Albert George born 10/2/1877 & baptized 11/3/1877 in St Leonards, Shoreditch. Albert George died 26/12/1950 in Boston Bar, British Columbia, age 73 & was buried in Old Hope Cemetery, BC. Occupation: Mechanic. He never married. Served in Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force during World War 1, Regimental number 77115. See Albert’s Attestation papers. (7) Walter Henry [83].

60.Link to census Henry CHAPPLE [Parents]. Baptized 26/2/1837 in Axmouth, Henry died 1922 in Axminster, age about 85. Occupation: Painter & glazier.

In the quarter ending September 1869, when Henry was age 32, he married Charlotte CARNELL in Axminster. Born about 1839 in Lyme Regis, Dorset, Charlotte died quarter ending September 1900 in Lyme Regis, age about 31.

They adopted the following child:

(1) John Bowden LUGG, born quarter ending December 1879 in Lyme Regis.

61. Link to censusFrederick Stone CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 2/8/1851 in Axminster, Frederick died 4/2/1924. Occupation: House painter.

On 31/1/1877, when Frederick was age 25, he married Susan LUGG in Axminster. Susan was born 27/12/1852 and died 1/3/1947.

They had the following children:

(1) Reginald, born about 1877 in Lyme Regis. (2) Ethel Maud, born about 1881 in Lyme Regis. In the quarter ending September 1902, when Ethel was age about 21, she married Walter Henry J. GOODRIDGE in New Forest, Hampshire. (3) Dora, born 1885 in Lyme Regis. (4) Frederick Henry, born quarter ending March 1889 in Lyme Regis. Lilian Lucretia, born 10/4/1892 in Axminster & died 18/12/1970, age 78. On 25/7/1912, when Lilian Lucretia was age 20, she married Albert MARELLI. Born 25/12/1892 in Lambeth, Albert died 13/7/1974, age 82.

62.Link to census Charles Hardy CHAPPLE [Parents]. Baptized 24/8/1823 in Uplyme, Devon, Charles died March 1882 in Beer, age 59, and was buried there 14/3/1882. Occupation: Fisherman.

In quarter ending March 1843, when Charles was age about 20, he married Eliza DRIVER in Axminster. Born 1822, Eliza died in April 1891 in Seaton, age 69, and was buried 17/4/1891 in Beer.

They had the following children:

(1) Louisa, born about quarter ending December 1843 in Beer. (2) James [84]. (3) Charles [85].

63.Link to census Silas CHAPPLE [Parents].  Born 1826 in Branscombe and baptized 14/5/1826 in Salcombe Regis. Silas died quarter ending December 1898 in Kensington, age 72. Occupation: Baker. An entry in the Criminal Registers for Devon, 1862: Silas Chapple; offences: larceny by servant & embezzlement. Tried at Exeter General Sessions 13/5/1862 and imprisoned for 1 month for first the offence, 2 months for the second.

In 18/10/1859, when Silas was 33 (although the marriage certificate says 31), he married Frances Anna Maria LANE, daughter of Isaac LANE, a fisherman, and Anna Maria PINE in the Parish Church, Seaton & Beer. Frances was baptized 5/8/1832 in Seaton & Beer. It is not known when she died.

They had the following child:

(1) Orinea [86].

64.Link to census Absalom CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 1830 in Beer and baptized there 10/10/1830, Absalom died around February 1910 in Colyton, age 79, and was buried 3/3/1910 at St Michael, Beer. Occupation: Fisherman.

In the quarter ending June 1853, when Absalom was about 23, he married Elizabeth SEAWARD in Axminster. Elizabeth died before the census taken on 5/4/1891.

They had the following children, all events in Seaton & Beer:

(1) Silas, born 20/8/1853 and baptized 18/9/1853. Silas died in December 1853 and was buried 9/12/1853. (2) Elizabeth Ann, born quarter ending March 1855. (3) Mary Anna, born 5/3/1857 and baptized 29/3/1857. (4) Tabitha, born 7/1/1859 and baptized 20/1/1859. (5) Robert Seaward, born 22/3/1863 and baptized 3/5/1863. (6) Tabitha, born 5/2/1864 and baptized 5/3/1864. Tabitha died September 1870, age 6, and was buried 29/9/1870. (7) Thirza, born quarter ending March 1867. (8) Silas [87]. (9) Lucy Seaward, born February 1873 and baptized 2/3/1873. Lucy died October 1873, age 8 months, and was buried 27/10/1873.

Eleventh Generation (continued)

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