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This is page 8 of 19 tracing the history of the Chapple family of Devon. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Chapple Family of Devon

42. George CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born around February 1794 & baptized 13/1/1796 in Membury, George died 1866 in Membury, age 71.

On 25/5/1820 when George was age 25, he married Ann DENSLOW in Membury. Born about 1796, Ann died 1858 in Membury, age 62.

They had the following children:

(1) Thomas, baptized 21/3/1824 in Membury. (2) Mary, born 1832. (3) Sarah, born 1837.

43.Link to census Henry CHAPPLE [Parents]. Baptized 27/9/1798 in Membury, Henry died 1864, age about 65.

On 17/3/1829 when Henry was 30, he married Elizabeth DENSLOW, in Axminster. Baptized 20/12/1800 in Membury, Elizabeth died 1883 in Membury, age 83.

They had the following children:

(1) Ann, baptized 12/7/1829 in Membury & died 1876, age 47. In 1856, when Ann was 27, she married her 2nd cousin Henry CHAPPLE, son of William CHAPPLE & Frances RUSS, in Axminster. (2) George [54].

44. Link to censusWilliam CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born September 1798 in Membury, William died in December 1856 in Axminster, age 58, and was buried 21/12/1856 in Membury.

On 11/7/1822, when William was age 24, he married Frances RUSS In Axminster. Born in 1794 in Axminster, Frances died there in 1873, age 79.

They had the following children, all born Axminster:

(1) George, baptized 12/10/1823. (2) William [55]. (3) Henry [56]. (4) John [57]. (5) Mary Ann, born in 1832. In 1855, when Mary Ann was about 23, she married Henry TRIVETT, son of Richard TRIVETT & Jenny HAWKER, in Axminster. (6) Selina, born 1836. On 3/7/1855, when Selina was age 19, she was found guilty at the Dorchester Quarter Sessions of “Stealing 2lbs weight of bacon, the property of George Yeatman, at Wimborne Minster on the 3rd May 1855." She was sentenced to 14 days’ hard labour. On 1/9/1859, when Selina was age about 23, she married John POWERS (1835-?) in St Andrews, Monkton Wyld, Dorset. (7) Richard [58]. (8) Elizabeth, born about 1840. In the quarter ending  March 1871, when Elizabeth was age about 30, she married Samuel SPENCER in Axminster. Samuel was born quarter ending June 1844 in Great Gransden, Huntingdonshire.

45. Robert CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 1788, it is not known when Robert died.

On 10/5/1821, when Robert was 33, he married Mary MITCHELL in Membury. Born in 1794, Mary died July 1828, age 34, and was buried 22/7/1828 in Membury.

They had the following children:

(1) Elizabeth, born 1821. (2) Anne, baptized 30/5/1824 in Membury.

46.Link to census William CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 3/12/1809 in Colyton & baptized there 24/12/1809. William died in the quarter ending June 1885, in Bethnal Green, London, age 75. Occupation: Joiner.

On 17/4/1838, when William was 28, he married Catherine WOODWARD, daughter of John and Martha WOODWARD, in Bridport. Born 4/8/1816, Catherine died 10/11/1845 in Bridport, age 29 and was buried there 14/11/1845.

They had the following children:

(1) William Henry [59]. (2) Louisa Catherine, baptized 11/11/1845 in Bridport and died shortly afterwards. She was buried there 19/11/1845.

On 25/7/1847 when William was 37, he married Sarah WOODWARD, daughter of John and Martha WOODWARD, in St Matthew, Bethnal Green. Sarah was born in 1821 in Bridport & died 28/1/1858 in Shoreditch, London.

They had the following children, all born Shoreditch:

(1) Catherine Louisa, born quarter ending June 1848. (2) Sarah, born quarter ending December 1850. (3) Clara, born 3/6/1852. Clara died quarter ending March 1871 in Bethnal Green, age 19.

On 25/12/1861, when William was age 52 (although age 49 appears on the marriage certificate) he married Eliza FATT, daughter of John FATT and Sarah MASON,  at St Giles, Cripplegate, London. Eliza was baptized 25/5/1817 in Westbury, Wiltshire. It is not known when she died. They had no children.

47. Link to censusHenry CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 22/10/1812 in Colyton & baptized there 8/11/1812. Henry died in Colyton in 1880, age 67.

On 8/8/1836, when Henry was 23, he married Elizabeth DENNER, in Colyton. Born 1813, Elizabeth probably died late August/early September 1837, age 24, as she was buried 3/9/1837 in Colyton.

They had one child:

(1) Mark Henry Denner, born August 1837 & died shortly afterwards - he was buried 14/9/1837 in Colyton.

On 27/3/1842, when Henry was age 29, he married Mary BRIGHT, daughter of Thomas BRIGHT, a Labourer, in Colyton. Mary was born about 1820 in Colyton. It is not known when she died.

They had the following children, all born Colyton:

(1) Maria, born 1842. In 1887, when Maria was 45, she married Henry LONG, in Colyton. (2) Mary Ann, baptized 22/2/1846 in Colyton. (3) Anna Maria, born 1848. On 14/4/1872, when Anna Maria was age about 33, she married Samuel LOVERIDGE, son of John LOVERIDGE, a Labourer, in Colyton. (4) Harriet Elizabeth Eliza, born about 1850, it’s not known when Harriet died. On 22/11/1888, when Harriet was age about 38, she married John HOARE, son of John HOARE, a Sawyer, in Colyton. (5)Henry William Thomas Chapple censusHenry William Thomas, born about 1852. In the quarter ending March 1878, when Henry was age about 25, he married Mary Ann BRIGHT in Axminster. There is no trace of the couple after the 1891 census.

Tenth Generation

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