Census transcript for John Parris (1868-?) & family

1871: 120 High Street, Sheerness, Kent. John Parris (head) age 30, born Kent occ Rigger H.M. Dockyard. Ellen Parris (wife) age 20, born Jersey. John Parris (son) age 3, born Sheerness Kent. Ellen Parris (dtr) age 2, born Sheerness Kent. Ada Parris (dtr) age 8 months, born Sheerness Kent. NA ref RG10/985/68 page 14 sch 66

1891: 3 Hill Row, Frindsbury, Kent. Annie Haywood (head), widow) age 28, born Upnor Kent occ Dressmaker. Florence Haywood (dtr) age 6, born Upnor Kent. William Sullivan (brother) age 18, born Upnor Kent occ Cement Labourer. Alice Sullivan (sister) age 16, born Upnor Kent. James Sullivan (brother) age 14, born Upnor Kent occ Brick Labourer. Kate Parris (sister) age 25, born Upnor Kent. NA ref RG12/653/29 page 28 sch 137. There is no trace of John Parris in this census.

1881: Greenwich Hospital School, Greenwich, Kent. J. Parris (scholar) age 13, born Sheerness Kent. John was one of 1016 boys aged 11-15. NA ref RG11/727/110 page 38

1901: 60 Berridge Road, Sheerness, Kent. John Parris (head) age 33, born Sheerness Kent occ Navyman Musician R. N. Kate J. Parris (wife) age 33, born Upnor Kent. Violet M. Parris (dtr) age 2, born Sheerness Kent. Redvers J. Parris (son) age 11 months, born Sheerness Kent. Albert F. Marshall (boarder) age 29, born North Shields occ Navyman Plumber R. N. Isabel Marshall (boarder) age 23, born Sheffield. Ronald Marshall (boarder) age 6, born North Shields. Percival Marshall (boarder) age 3, born North Shields. Laura Smith (lodger) age 21, born Chatham Kent.  NA ref RG13/816/9 page 10 sch 79