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This is page 1 of 4 about the Dalladay family originally of Orsett, Essex and later Woolwich, which was a parish in Kent until 1888. It shows, in the fifth generation, the link by marriage to the Jones family. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the previous page/next page buttons or following the numbered (e.g. [2]) or parental ([Parents]) links.

The Dalladay Family of Orsett, Essex

1. James DALLADAY. James was born about 1710 and died 1757 in Orsett, age about 47.

On 26/5/1752 James married Sarah ABBOTT in Grays Thurrock, Essex. The parish register states: “James Dalladay of the parish of Mundon in the County of Essex, Batchelor, and Sarah Abbott of this Parish, Single Woman, were married by License. May 26.”

They had the following children, all baptized Orsett:

(1) John, baptized 2/7/1754 and died 1790, age about 36. (2) James [2]. (3) Mary, baptized 8/6/1757 and died 1760.

First Generation

Second Generation

2. James DALLADAY [Parents].  Baptized 17/9/1755 in Orsett and died 1810, age about 53.

On 13/10/1781, when  James was age about 26, he married Mary SMOOTHEY, daughter of  Thomas SMOOTHEY and Mary CHESEN, in Upminster. Born 1763 in Upminster, Mary died  1850, age about 87.

They had the following children, all baptized Orsett except (10) Harriet:

(1) Harriet, baptized 18/5/1783. Harriet died 17/4/1785 age 1. (2) Sarah, baptized  22/5/1785. On 14/10/1811, when Sarah was age about 26, she married Thomas OAKLEY. Sarah died in 1832. (3) James [3]. (4) Marian, baptized 26/7/1789. (5) Charles, baptized 7/8/1791. Charles married Martha SACH. (6) John, baptized 25/5/1793.  John died 10/4/1797 age 3. (7) Ruth, baptized 4/4/1796 and died 10/4/1797, age 1. (8) John, baptized 25/5/1797. On 26/5/1817, when John was age about  20, he married Maria LAYZELL. (9) Charles,  born 1799. (10) Harriet, born 20/9/1801 and baptized 24/9/1801 in Upminster, Essex. On 29/1/1823, when Harriet was age 23, she married Benjamin BRADD  in Orsett. Harriet died in 1850, age about 49. (11) Charlotte, born 1804. She married James BATEMAN and died in 1859.

Third Generation

3.James Dalladay census James DALLADAY [Parents]. Born 8/7/1787 in Orsett and died quarter ending December 1841 in St George’s Hospital Middlesex, age 54.

In 1815, when James was age about 28, he married Mary SEEAR in Woodford, Essex. Mary was born 9/9/1786 in Stoke Newington, London and baptized 24/9/1786 at St Mary, Stoke Newington.  Mary died 1853 in Greenwich, age about 67.

They had the following children:

(1) James, born 24/2/1820 and baptized 26/3/1820 at St Mary, Stoke Newington. (2) Thomas [4]. (3) John George [5]. (4) Mary Ann, born 1831 in Woolwich. (5) Elizabeth, born 1831. In 1862, when Elizabeth was age about 30, she married William JACKSON. She died the same year in Stratford.

Fourth Generation

4.Link to census Thomas DALLADAY [Parents]. Born 1823 in Woodford and died 1898 in Woolwich, age about 75. Occupation: Boot maker.

On 1/11/1846, when Thomas was age about 23, he married Mary Ann THORLEY in Clerkenwell, London. Born 17/10/1823 in Woolwich, Mary Ann died 1899 in Maidstone, age about 76.

They had the following children:

(1) Thomas [6]. (2) Mary Ann, born about 1851 in Woolwich. (3) Samuel, born about 1854 in Woolwich and died 1894. He never married. (4) Elizabeth, born about 1856 in Woolwich. In 1890, when Elizabeth was age about 34, she married Ezra George Case CARR in Woolwich. Ezra George was born 1862 in Thetford, Norfolk. (5) Joseph [7]. (6) Hannah, born about 1860 and died 1868. (7) Rebekah, born 1862 and died 1864. (8) John James, born 1863 and died 1876. (9) Benjamin [8].

5.Link to census John George DALLADAY [Parents]. Born 9/10/1827 in Wanstead and died 17/11/1919 in New Cross, London, age 92. Occupation: Boot maker.

In 1848, when John George was age about 21, he married Elizabeth LOFTS at Queen Street Baptist Church, Woolwich. It is not known when Elizabeth was born, but she died about 1855.

They had the following children, all born Woolwich:

(1) Elizabeth Lofts, born about 1850. (2) John George, born quarter ending March 1852 and died 1855. (3) William Henry [9].

In 1858, when John George was age about 31, he married Thirza CLEMENT. Thirza was born 1827 in Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire and died 1905 in Woolwich.

They had the following children:

(1) James Thomas [10]. (2) John George [11]. (3) Samuel Frederick [12]. (4) Thirza Annie, born 1868 in Woolwich and died 1947 in Gravesend, age about 79.

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