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This is page 2 of 5 providing the history of the Howard family of Holmfith, Yorkshire. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered (e.g. [2]) or parental ([Parents]) links.

The Howard Family of Holmfirth, Yorkshire

5.Link to census Henry HOWARD [Parents]. Born about 1839 in Holme, Henry died quarter ending June 1886 in Holbeck, Leeds, age about 46. Occupation: Woollen Spinner.

IHenry Howard & Mary Hirst picturen the quarter ending June 1861, when Henry was age about 21, he married Mary HIRST in Dewsbury. Mary was born about 1840 in Dewsbury. It is not known when she died.

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They had the following children:

(1) Elizabeth, born quarter ending March 1861 in Birstall. (2) Harry [13]. (3) Herbert [14].

6.Link to census Caleb HOWARD [Parents]. Born quarter ending March 1846 in Holme, Caleb died quarter ending December 1908 in Holbeck, Leeds, age 63. Occupation:  Woollen Spinner &, around 1901, an Iron foundary labourer.

In the quarter ending December 1877, when Caleb was age about 31, he married Ann ROSINDALE in Leeds. Ann was born about 1850 in Beeston.

They had the following children, both born Beeston:

(1) Jane Elizabeth, born quarter ending Match 1885. (2) Annie, born quarter ending Match 1887.

7.Link to census William HOWARD [Parents]. Born quarter ending September 1848 in Holme. It is not known when William died. Occupation: Woollen Mule Spinner.

In the quarter ending September 1867, when William was age about 19, he married Eunice FIRTH in Dewsbury. Eunice was born about 1845 in Pudsey & died quarter ending December 1884 in Dewsbury, age about 42.

They had the following children, all born Batley Carr:

(1) Lena, born quarter ending June 1870 & died quarter ending June 1891, age about 21. In the quarter ending September 1888, when Lena was age 18, Lena married William Henry LEE in Dewsbury. William was born about 1867 in Earlsheaton, Yorkshire. (2) Edith, born quarter ending September 1872. In the quarter ending December 1893, when Edith was about 23, she married Joseph LUMB in Dewsbury. Joseph was born about 1870 in Shawcross, Yorkshire. (3) Albert Edward, born quarter ending March 1875. (4) Eliza, born quarter ending June 1877.

In the quarter ending September 1885, when William was age about 28, he married Sarah Esther LISTER in Dewsbury. Sarah Esther was born about 1848 in Batley.  No children from  this marriage have been traced.

8.Link to census Senior HOWARD [Parents]. Born 11/4/1851 and baptized 29/6/1851 in Holmfirth. Occupation variously given in census records  as Felt hatter; Woollen warper; Roadman. Senior died 31/12/1901 in Upton on Severn, Worcester with his age given as “about 55 years”. Cause of death certified as “heart disease”. The Registrar, James Doughty, recorded the informant as “Certificate received from George Brown Deputy Coroner for Worcestershire Middle Division. Inquest held 3rd January 1902.” It is not known why Senior was living so far from Yorkshire & his family when he died.

On 30/7/1871, when Senior was age 20, he married Mary Ann SCROOP, daughter of Cornelius SCROOP, a farmer, in Saddleworth.  Mary Ann was born quarter ending September 1851 in Saddleworth, Mary Ann died December 1878, age 27, and was buried 22/12/1878 at St Chad, Saddleworth.

They had the following children:

(1) Sarah Ann, born quarter ending December 1871 in Saddleworth. (2) Maria E, born about 1874 in Saddleworth.

IElizabeth Hannah Bradbury (nee Shaw)n the quarter ending September 1880, when Senior was age about 29, he married Elizabeth Hannah SHAW in Saddleworth. Born 1846 in Delph, Saddleworth Elizabeth’s first marriage was to Adam BUCKLEY (1850-1877) in 1871.

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Elizabeth & Adam had the following children, both born Saddleworth:

(1) Fanny Ann, born 1872. (2) Thomas, born 1877.

Senior & Elizabeth had the following children:

(1) Reuben, born 19/10/1883 in Delph and baptized 2/12/1883 at St Chad, Saddleworth. Reuben died in 1951 in Saddleworth, age 68. There’s no evidence he married. (2) Julius [15].

Third Generation

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