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This is page 9 of 12 tracing the history of the Cochrane family from their earliest origins in Somerset and Gloucestershire to London, and the link by marriage to the Chapple family. Variations in the surname spelling occur in the records. For consistency, what became the prevalent form - Cochrane - is used here. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

Fifth Generation

13. Arthur Frederick Cochrane censusArthurArthur Frederick Cochrane 1881-1952 picture Frederick COCHRANE [Parents]. Born 28/2/1881 at 20, Block G, Peabody Square, Southwark & died 15/5/1952 in Ilford, Essex, age 71. Cause of death certified as Cerebral thrombosis; Arterio-sclerosis; Hypertension.

On 25/12/1911, when Arthur Frederick was age 30, he married Clara Christina BISHOP, daughter of Henry BISHOP (deceased) at St George the Martyr, Southwark. Clara was born 1887 in Camberwell & died 1918 in Lambeth, it’s thought due to the Influenza epidemic, age 31.

They had the following child:

(1) Violet, born 1914 in West Ham. It’s not known when Violet died.

On 8/3/1919, when Arthur Frederick was age 38, he married Elsie Mary BARNES, daughter of Albert Thomas BARNES, a Prison Warder, at St Mary de Lode, Gloucester. Elsie was born about 1894; it’s not known when she died. They had no children.

14.Ernest Cochrane census Ernest COCHRANE [Parents]. Ernest Cochrane 1886-1950 pictureBorn 28/11/1886 at 11, Block E, Peabody Square, Southwark & died 13/3/1950 in Hornchurch, Essex, age 63. Cause of death certified as “Carcinoma right bronchus (operation June 1949 growth inseparable)”.

On 4/4/1915, when Ernest was age, he married Ellen WILSON, daughter of Thomas WILSON, a Bootmaker, at St George the Martyr, Southwark. Ellen was born about 1886 & died in 1918 in West Ham, it’s thought due to the Influenza epidemic, age about 32.

They had the following children:Edith Florence Cochrane 1916-2010 & Ernest Edward Cochrane 1917-2010.PNG

(1) Edith Florence, born 19/1/1916 in West Ham & died 2010, age about 94. (2) Ernest Edward, born 18/4/1917 in West Ham & died 2010, age about 93.

Thanks to Lesley Parks for the pictures. Select an image to enlarge it.

15. William Edward Constable Cochrane censusWilliam Edward (or Edwin) Constable COCHRANE [Parent]. Born 22/3/1870 in Islington Workhouse, Holloway, William Edward died 5/5/1936 at the Royal Northern Hospital, Islington, age 66. Cause of death certified as Carcinoma of bladder with multiple secondary deposits. Occupation: House painter.

On 9/12/1888, when William Edward was age 18, he married Annie Elizabeth Adelaide GROVES, daughter of Arthur Lawton GROVES & Ann ROBERTS, at St James Parish Church, Hampstead Road, Middlesex. Annie was born 4/12/1868 in Kentish Town, and died 1951 in Wood Green, age 82.

They had the following children:

(1) William Francis Arthur, born 4/10/1889 in Edmonton and baptized 25/10/1891 at St John the Evangelist, Brownswood Park, Hornsey. William died quarter ending March 1945 in Brentford, age 55. On 31/12/1916, when William was age 27, he married Florence Maud Mary STEER (1887-1934), daughter of Frank STEER (deceased), at St Matthew, Bayswater. (2) Ernest Harold, born 12/4/1891 in Finsbury Park and died 31/5/1916, age 25, on board HMS Black Prince when it was sunk during the Battle of Jutland. (3) Kathleen Victoria, born 29/1/1893 in Harringay & died 29/5/1984 in Hobart, Tasmania, age 91. On 25/2/1914, when Kathleen was age 21, she married  Albert MATHEWS (1892-1954). (4) Laurie Annie, born 26/4/1896 in Edmonton & died quarter ending March 1971 in Haringey, age 74. On  1/8/1920, when Laurie Annie was age 24, she married Frank William KINGCOMBE (1894-1958), son of William Frank KINGCOMBE, a carpenter, at Christ Church, West Green, Haringey.

16.Census link John COCHRANE [Parents]. Born 18/6/1875 at 1 James Terrace, Georges Road, Islington, John died 29/6/1949 at the North Middlesex Hospital, Edmonton, age 74. Cause of death certified as Congestive cardiac failure; Emphysema; Chronic bronchitis. Occupation: General Labourer.

On 23/6/1895, when John was age 20, he married Laurrie Austin HICKS, daughter of Charles HICKS, a Stonemason, at All Saints Church, Tufnell Park. Laurrie was born 15/10/1876 in Virginia Water, Surrey, and died in 1964 at Southend-on-Sea, age 87.

They had the following children, all born Islington:

(1) Laurie Maud Alberta, born quarter ending March 1898 & baptized 20/3/1900 at Emmanuel, Holloway. In 1928, when Laurie was age 30, she married Arthur N. BALL in Edmonton. (2) Ivy Victoria Elizabeth, born about March 1900 & baptized 20/3/1900 at Emmanuel, Holloway. In 1921, when Ivy was age about 21, she married Alfred Frederick NORTH in Edmonton. (3) Charles Frederick George John [22].

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The Cochrane Family of Somerset, Gloucestershire


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