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This is page 9 of 11 tracing the descendants of John Parris & Jane Neville, and the links by marriage to the Beadle, Harris (of Halling), Homewood, Luchford, Mayatt, Monk, Neville, Payne, Roots & Tomkin families. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse the Parris pages by using the forward/back arrows to the next/previous page or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Parris Family of Wrotham, Kent

Seventh Generation (continued)

40.Link to census Reginald Charles PARRIS [Parents].  Born 5/5/1908 in Portsmouth, Reginald Charles died March 1989 also in Portsmouth, age 80.

In the quarter ending December 1928, when Reginald Charles was age 20, he married Sarah SIBBALD (1908-1955) in Portsmouth.

They had the following children:

(1) Hilda, born 20/12/1928 & died 1929 in Portsmouth, age about 6 months. (2) Reginald Ernest Leonard, born 13/12/1938 and died September 1990 in Petersfield, age 51. And 4 others thought to be still living.

41.Link to census William PARRIS [Parents]. Born 19/2/1876 in Erith, Kent & baptized 5/7/1882 at All Saints, Belvedere. It is not known when William died. Occupation: Lamplighter (gas).  

On 20/2/1897, when William was age 21, he married Jessie PITCHER, daughter of Henry PITCHER (deceased), a Coal porter, at the Parish Church, Erith. Jessie was born about 1879 in Erith. It is not known when she died.

They had the following children, both born Belvedere:

(1) William Alfred, born quarter ending March 1898. (2) Winifred Ina, born quarter ending September 1899.

42.Link to census Edward Thomas PARRIS [Parents]. Born 20/6/1885 in Halling, Edward Thomas died there 28/1/1966, age 81, and was buried in Halling cemetery.

In the quarter ending September 1909, when Edward Thomas was age about 24, he married Lilian Maud WHEELER in Strood. Lilian Maud was born 7/4/1884 in Snodland and died 1954 in Chatham, age about 69.

They had the following children:

(1) Florence Maud, born quarter ending March 1910 in Halling. (2) Evelyn M, born 6/4/1912. (3) George, born 16/3/1914. (4) Leonard, born 27/8/1916. (5) Alfred William, born 21/1/1919 in Halling & baptized as an adult 18/12/1940 in St John the Baptist, Halling. (6) Dorothy M, born 29/12/1923 in Strood and died December 1999 in Canterbury, age 76.

43.Link to census Richard John PARRIS [Parents]. Born about 1879 in Erith. It is not known when Richard John died.

On 3/8/1901, when Richard was age 22, he married Alice MAYATT, daughter of William MAYATT & Amelia MONK, at the Parish Church, Halling.  Alice was born about 1878 in Snodland.  It is not known when she died.

They had the following child:

(1) Alice May, baptized 8/6/1902 in Halling.

44. Ebenezer Thomas PARRIS [Parents]. Born 1/4/1883 in Snodland and died there in November 1964, age 81. Ebenezer was buried 20/11/1964 in Snodland cemetery. Occupation: Fence maker (1901); Cement labourer (1911); General builder’s labourer (1939).

In the quarter ending March 1907, when Ebenezer was age 23, he married Bertha CHAPMAN (1879-1951) in Malling.

They had the following child:

(1) Ebenezer Jesse, born 25/11/1917 in Snodland and died October 1998 in Maidstone, age 80. In 1931, when Ebenezer was age about 23, he married Frances M. TURNER (1911-1938) in Strood. In 1942, when Ebenezer was age 34, he married Jessie HUCKS (1907-1980) in Maidstone.

45.Link to census William Leonard PARRIS [Parents]. Born 4/8/1897 in Birling, William Leonard died quarter ending September 1968 in Chatham, age about 70.

On 7/6/1919, when William Leonard was age about 21, he married Stella Ethel ASHDOWN at the Parish Church, Halling. Stella Ethel was born 15/1/1901 in Malling and died quarter ending March 1963 in Chatham, age 62.

They had the following children:

(1) Leonard Alfred, born 27/10/1920 in Halling & baptized 23/1/1921 at St John the Baptist, Halling. Leonard Alfred died June 1990 in Chatham, age 69. (2) Sheila Elsie, born 7/8/1934 in Halling. (3) Maureen Ethel, born 19/11/1937 in Halling. And two others who may still be living.

46.Link to census Leslie PARRIS [Parents]. Born 12/12/1904 at 3 Jupps Cottages, Upper Halling, Leslie died 27/5/1984 in Linton Hospital, Maidstone, age 79. Occupation: Milkman (1937); Centre Lathe Turner.

On 27/11/1937 when Leslie was 32, he married Eileen Alice ROOTS, daughter of Frank Herbert ROOTS and Ellen SNASHFOLD, in Maidstone Registry Office. Born 7/3/1911 in Maidstone, Eileen Alice died 3/8/1996 in Loose Nursing Home, Maidstone, age 85.

They had the following children:

(1) Michael Gilbert, born 1943 in Maidstone and died 1945, age 2. And 4 others who are still living.

47.Link to census William Henry James PARRIS [Parents]. Born 4/6/1888 in Birling, William died quarter ending March 1948 in Maidstone, age 59. Occupation: Labourer (1911); Assistant grounds man and gardener (1939).

In the quarter ending December 1914, when William was age 26, he married Edith Isabel DYKE in Malling. Born 8/2/1894 in Strood, Edith died in 1962 in Maidstone, age 68.

They had the following children:

(1) Muriel Kathleen, born 23/6/1919 in Malling and died 1970 in Chatham, age 51. (2) Audrey, born 19/3/1921 in Malling. It’s not known when Audrey died. (3) Geoffrey Kenneth, born 24/11/1922 in Malling and died June 1996 in Maidstone, age 73.

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