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Census transcript for Alfred James Monk (1887-1940) & family

1891: 5 Tramway Cottages, Halling, Kent. Alfred Monk (head) age 29, born Halling Kent occ Cement labourer. Clara Monk (wife) age 27, born Halling Kent. Alice Maud Monk (dtr) age 6, born Halling Kent. Alfred James Monk (son) age 3, born Halling Kent. Hester Clara Monk (dtr) age 1, born Halling Kent. NA ref RG12/652/1226 page 32 sch 180

1901: 16 Hilton Terrace, Halling, Kent. Alfred Monk (head) age 39, born Halling Kent occ Cement labourer. Clara Monk (wife) age 37, born Halling Kent. Alice M. Monk (dtr) age 16, born Halling Kent. Alfred J. Monk (son) age 13, born Halling Kent occ Ironmonger's assistant. Hester C. Monk (dtr) age 11, born Halling Kent. Helen A. Monk (dtr) age 9, born Halling Kent. Harry A. Monk (son) age 7, born Halling Kent. Maud E. Monk (dtr) age 4, born Halling Kent. Albert F. Monk (son) age 2, born Halling Kent. Dora R. Monk (dtr) age 6 months, born Halling Kent. NA ref RG13/719/22 page 35 sch 216

1911: Holboro Road, Snodland, Kent. Alfred James Monk (head, married) age 23, born Halling Kent occ Salesman, house furnisher. Eleanor Annie Monk (wife, married 2 years), age 24, born Snodland Kent. Children born alive 2; Still living 2. Alfred Cecil Monk (son) age 1, born Watford Herts. Ewart Monk (son) age under 1 month, born Snodland Kent. NA ref RG14 PN3973 RD48 SD1 ED11 Sch316

1939 Register: 2 High Street, Malling, Kent. Alfred J. Monk (male, married) DoB 20 Jul 1887 occ Ironmonger, furnisher and oil distributor. Eleanor A. Monk (female, married) DoB 30 Aug 1886 occ House wife also manages shop. Megan J. Monk (female, single) DoB 17 Aug 1926 occ At school. NA ref RG101/1832E RD48 SD1 Sch 233 Letter code DJMR

1939 Register: 2 Myrtle Villas, Malling Road, Malling, Kent. Alfred C. Monk (male, married) DoB 6 Sep 1909 occ Stores manager, Door Paint Sundries. House furnisher. Driver car & van. Irene F. Monk (female, married) DoB 3 Aug 1906 occ Unpaid domestic duties. Plus one record that remains officially closed. NA ref RG101/1832E RD48 SD1 Sch170 Letter code DJMR

1939 Register: 96 High Street, Halling, Kent. Edith May [sic] Monk (female, married) DoB 31 May 1916 occ Unpaid domestic duties. Leslie G. Monk (male, married) DoB 16 Dec 1912 occ Gas engineer distributor. NA ref RG101/1848F (RD & SD numbers not given) Sch 85 Letter code DJSN

1939 Register: High Street, Snodland, Kent. Norman R. Taylor (male, married DoB 3 Feb 1916 occ Cement work costing clerk. Gladys H. Taylor (female, married) DoB 14 Aug 1917 occ Unpaid dometic. NA ref RG101/1832B RD48 SD1 Sch 119 Letter code DJMP