Census transcript for Nicholas Witpen (1809-1893) & family

1851: 43 Berner Street, St George in the East, London. Nicholas Wilpin [sic] (head) age 42, born London occ Labourer. Susan Wilpin (wife) age 33, born Essex. NA ref HO107/1547/153 page 53 sch 226

1841: No trace

1861, 1871: No trace

1881: 36 Lindley Street, Mile End Old Town, London. Nicholas Witpen (head, married) age 73, born Middlesex occ Cooper's Labourer. Susan Witpen (wife) age 60, born Middlesex occ Charwoman. NA ref RG11/474/67 page 20 sch 114

1891: Bancroft Road, Infirmary of the Hamlet of Mile End Old Town (Poor Law Institution), London. Nicholas Witpen (Inmate, married) age 81, born Whitechapel  London occ General Labourer NA ref RG12/313/129 page 4