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The Witpen Family of Whitechapel, London

This is page 3 of 5 tracing the history of the Witpen family, who we believe emigrated from what is now Germany to the east end of London during the latter part of the 18th century, and the link by marriage to the Cochrane family. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. We’d particularly like to hear from anyone who could shed more light on the family’s German origins. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

Third Generation (continued)

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9. John Witpen censusJohn WITPEN [Parents]. Born 20/3/1827 in Whitechapel High Street & baptized 22/4/1827 at St Mary, Whitechapel. John died 1/6/1881 in Upper Tooting, Streatham, age 54 & was buried 6/6/1881 in Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington. Cause of death certified as “Sudden syncope” (i.e. loss of consciousness) when riding in a waggon in the public road.

There’s evidence that John also used the surname Wood. Papers relating to grant of probate on 22/6/1881 state: “WITPEN otherwise WOOD John: Personal estate £1,457 7s 6d [the equivalent of around £161,727 today] 23 June The will of John Witpen otherwise Wood formerly of 126 Newington Green Road Stoke Newington but late 16 Leconsfield Road Highbury New Park both in the County of Middlesex Builder and House Decorator who died 1 June 1881 at Balham in the County of Surrey was proved at the Principal Registry by John Moreton of 15 Matthias Road South Hornsey in the County of Middlesex Stationer and Newsagent and John Evan Evans of 2 Clarence Place Clapton Square in the County of Middlesex Gentlemen the Executors.”

On 11/1/1852, when John was age 24, he married Elizabeth LEAGE (?-1858), daughter of Richard William LEAGE, a watch guilder & house agent, in the Parish Church, Islington.

They had the following children:

(1) Mary Frances (known as Fanny), born quarter ending March 1854 in Hackney. It’s not known when Fanny died. On 8/10/1879, when Fanny was age 24, she married Thomas Edward SCALES at St Stephen, Islington. (2) Emily, born quarter ending December 1855 in Hackney. It’s not known when Emily died. On 28/7/1875, when Emily was age 20, she married Joseph Harry THOMPSON at St Paul’s Church, Islington.

On 10/1/1863, when John was age 35, he married Agnes GOODWIN (1832-1871) at the Parish Church, Islington. There’s no evidence they had any children.

On 17/6/1873, when John was age 46, he married Hannah May LEAGE (1823-?), daughter of Richard William LEAGE, a watch guilder & house agent, at St Mary, Islington. There’s no evidence they had any children.

10. Henry Witpen censusHenry WITPEN [Parents]. Born 26/10/1817 in Stepney & baptized 1/1/1818 in St George in the East, London. Henry died 10/1/1869 in St George in the East, age 51. Occupation: Wine porter.

On 17/8/1840, when Henry was age 22, he married Caroline HOOKER in St Nicholas Church, Chiswick. Born abut 1821 in Peper Harow, Surrey, Caroline died 21/9/1903 in Mile End Old Town, age about 81.

They had the following children:

(1) Henry [13] (2) George, born 17/10/1842 in St George in the East & died there 11/4/1847, age 4. (3) Caroline Agnes, born 2/2/1845 in St George in the East & baptized 4/5/1845 at St Mary & St Michael, Commercial Road, Stepney. Caroline died 7/9/1924 in Barnsley, Yorkshire, age 79. Caroline was buried 9/9/1924 at St Thomas Church, Gawber, Barnsley. On 3/10/1866, when Caroline was age 21, she married George TAYLOR (dates unknown) in St George in the East. (4) Amelia, born 5/3/1849 in St George in the East & baptized 28/3/1849 at St Mary & St Michael. Amelia died shortly afterwards, with her death registered in quarter ending June 1849 (exact date not known). (5) William [14] (6) Charles, born 8/11/1854 in Stepney & baptized 31/12/1854 at Our Blessed Lady of Loretto, John Street, Commercial Road East. Charles died 26/8/1904 in Leytonstone, age 49. On 7/4/1874, when Charles was age 19, he married Elizabeth MAJOR (1854-?) in Stepney. The 1901 census shows a daughter, Amy age 17, born Camberwell. However, there’s no trace of her birth registration or 1891 census entry (in which Charles & Elizabeth are shown living alone).

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