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The Witpen Family of Whitechapel, London

This is page 2 of 5 tracing the history of the Witpen family, who we believe emigrated from what is now Germany to the east end of London during the latter part of the 18th century, and the link by marriage to the Cochrane family. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. We’d particularly like to hear from anyone who could shed more light on the family’s German origins. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

Third Generation

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5. Herman Witpen censusHerman WITPEN [Parents]. Born between 1797 & 1801 in, according to the 1841 census entry, “Foreign Parts”. Herman died quarter ending December 1847, age between 46-50.

On 26/5/1822, when Herman was in his early 20s, he married Elizabeth SEALER at St Dunstan, Stepney. Elizabeth was born about 1801 in Spitalfields. It’s not known when she died.

They had the following children:

(1) Elizabeth, born 1/2/1824 & baptized 29/2/1824 at St Mary, Whitechapel. It’s not known when Elizabeth died. (2) Herman [11] (3) Margaret, born 1830 in Spitalfields. It’s not known when Margaret died. (4) Ann, born 19/2/1832 & baptized 10/6/1832 at St Leonard, Shoreditch. It’s not known when Ann died. (5) Frederick, born 4/4/1834 & baptized 19/4/1835 at St Leonard, Shoreditch. It’s not known when Frederick died. (6) Caroline, born 1837 in Spitalfields. It’s not known when Caroline died. (7) John William, born March 1841 & baptized 4/4/1841 at St Leonard, Shoreditch. It’s not known when John William died. (8) Elizabeth, baptized 5/5/1858 at Christ Church Spitalfields. It’s not known when Elizabeth died.

6. Henry Witpen censusHenry WITPEN [Parents]. Baptized 23/12/1804 at St Mary, Whitechapel, Henry died January 1869, age 64, and buried 21/1/1869 in Victoria Park Cemetery, Bethnal Green (now Meath Gardens). Occupation: Cooper.

On 16/7/1827, when Henry was age 22, he married Mary Ann WRAY at St John, Hackney. Mary Ann was born about 1807 in Hackney. It’s not known when she died.

They had the following child:

(1) Henry, born 16/4/1829 in Hackney. Henry joined the Merchant Navy as an apprentice in 1846, with his Register Ticket issued in London on 28th February (numbered 327,280).More on the barque "Duilius" Henry died 21/5/1846 at sea on board the 308 ton barque “Duilius” of Dartmouth. The cause of death recorded in the Minute in the ship’s log by Captain William Martin was “drowned”. No other information about the circumstances or location of the vessel was provided. The death was formally recorded in the Marine Register on 17/2/1847, so it must have been a considerable distance from the UK.

7. Nicholas Witpen censusNicholas WITPEN [Parents].  Baptized 23/7/1809 at St Mary, Whitechapel, Nicholas died 22/1/1893 in Mile End Old Town Infirmary (Poor Law Institution), Bancroft Road, age 83. Cause of death: Cardiac & Pneumonia. Occupation: Cooper’s labourer.

On 28/6/1838, when Nicholas was age about 28, he married Susan SEAMAN, daughter of Joseph SEAMAN, a Farmer, at St Andrew, Holborn. Susan was born about 1820. It’s not known when she died.

There’s no evidence they had any children.

8. George Witpen censusGeorge WITPEN [Parents]. Born 16/3/1822 in White’s Yard, Whitechapel and baptized 23/6/1822 at St Mary, Whitechapel. George died quarter ending March 1905 in Peterborough, age  82. Occupation: variously Warehouseman; Collar cutter; Labourer.

On 29/4/1849, when George was age 27, he married Elizabeth McANDREW at the Parish Church, Islington. Born about 1818 in Barnstaple, Devon, Elizabeth died quarter ending December 1896 in Peterborough, age about 78.

They had the following children:

(1) Rachel Amelia, born quarter ending March 1850 in Shoreditch, Rachel Amelia died 10/1/1921 in Toronto, Canada, age 70. Cause of death certified as Weak heart; Old age. She was buried on 21/1/1921 in St. John's Norway Cemetery, Toronto. On 21/2/1875, when Rachel Amelia was age about 25, she married Thomas William DEER at St Mary Magdalene, Southwark. Born about 1850 in West Wratting, Cambridgeshire, it’s not known when Thomas William died. Rachel & Thomas had 10 children. (2) Walter David, born 24/1/1852 in Haggerston & baptized 1/4/1852 at City Road Congregational Chapel, Islington. Walter David died quarter ending September 1853 in Shoreditch, age 1. (3) Mary Frances, born quarter ending March 1854, in Shoreditch & died July 1854. Mary Frances was buried 30/7/1854 in Shoreditch. (4) Walter Cosson [12] (5) Elizabeth Naomi, born about 1855 in Haggerston & died quarter ending June 1935 in Romford, age 80. On 1/10/1882, when Elizabeth Naomi was age about 27, she married William John LINSDELL (1855-?) at All Saints, Newington, Surrey. (6) Pamela, born & died quarter ending December 1857 in Shoreditch. (7) Florence, born quarter ending March 1859 in Haggerston & died quarter ending December 1939 in Edmonton, age 80. On 27/4/1879, when Florence was age 20, she married George Edward HOWS (1857-?) at St Saviour's Church, Battersea. (8) George P, born 12/9/1861 (according to the 1939 Register) in Kingsland Road, London & died quarter ending June 1947 in Peterborough, age 85. George is listed in the 1871 census as Parston (or possibly Paxton) G, age 8, but there’s no trace of a male Witpen (& surname variants) of any first name combinations in GRO birth index between 1860 & 1869. (9) Alice Kate, born & died 1867.

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