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This is page 7 of 12 tracing the history of the Cochrane family from their earliest origins in Somerset and Gloucestershire to London, and the link by marriage to the Chapple family. Variations in the surname spelling occur in the records. For consistency, what became the prevalent form - Cochrane - is used here. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the previous page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Cochrane Family of Somerset & Gloucestershire

Fourth Generation (continued)

11.Census link Benjamin COCHRANE [Parents]. Born 22/3/1858 in Shoreditch and baptized 2/6/1858 at St John the Baptist Church, Shoreditch. Benjamin died 28/5/1930 at 6 Goldsmith Square, Stoke Newington, age 72. Cause of death certified as Vavular disease of heart (mitral); Bronchitis; Chronic Nephritis. Occupation: Paperhanger.

On 26/4/1880, when Benjamin was age 22, he married Mary Ann EVANS, daughter of Joseph EVANS, a coal porter, and Sarah ANDERSON, in St Thomas’ Church, Bethnal Green. Mary Ann was born 16/12/1860 in Shoreditch and died 27/2/1944 at 84 Craysfort Road, Stoke Newington, age 83. Cause of death certified as Myocardial degeneration.

They had the following children (all baptisms and marriages at St Matthias, Stoke Newington (unless stated otherwise):

(1) Elizabeth Mary Ann, born 12/10/1880 at 75 Shakespeare Road, Hornsey, baptized 4/11/1881 as Lizzie Mary Ann, and died 25/8/1970 at 57 Farmilo Road, Leyton, age 89. Cause of death certified as Cor pulmonale; Emphysema and post-tuberculosis bronchiectasis. On 31/12/1900, when Elizabeth was age 20, she married James WELLS (1880-?) at St Paul's Church, Canonbury. (2) Clara, born 22/11/1882 at 81 Shakespeare Road, baptized 15/5/1885 and died 23/4/1961 at the Royal Northern Hospital, Islington, age 78. Cause of death certified as Pulmonary embolism; Deep vein thrombosis L. leg; Cardiac infarction; Carcinomotosis from Ca. Anus. Clara never married. (3) Emily, born 2/10/1884, baptized 15/5/1885 and died 12/5/1970 in Wembley, age 85. Cause of death certified as Myocardial failure; Auricular fibrillation; Rheumatic carditis. On 4/7/1920, when Emily was age 35, she married William Damont BOLTER (1875-1957), son of James Godfrey BOLTER. (4) Rosaline Edith, born 6/9/1886, baptized 10/4/1889 and died 18/2/1972 in Hackney Hospital, age 85. Cause of death certified as Congestive cardiac failure; Chronic bronchitis/Atrial fibrillation; Anaemia. On 22/4/1916, when Rosaline was age 29, she married Sidney Walter Henry TRANGMAR (1886-1920), son of George Frederick TRANGMAR and Mary Ann HASTINGS. (5) Kate, born 14/3/1889, baptized 10/4/1885, and died 5/11/1945 In Barnet, age 56. Cause of death certified as Choroidal sarcoma of left eye; Multiple metastasis. On 24/12/1922, when Kate was age 33, she married Albert Edward CROSSLEY (1888-?), son of Henry Arthur CROSSLEY, a Tailor’s cutter. (6) Alice, born 13/11/1890, baptized 7/4/1893 and died 26/6/1938 in Nayland with Wissington, Suffolk, age 47. Cause of death certified as Carcinoma of stomach. On 26/12/1914, when Alice was age 24, she married Thomas Alfred BIGGS (1891-1951), son of Alfred BIGGS, a Butcher, in St Jude’s Church, Islington. (7) Alfred, born 2/2/1893, baptized 7/4/1893 and died 24/3/1918 during the Battle of the Somme, age 25. (8) Harry, born 28/9/1894, baptized 12/12/1894 and died 22/6/1932 in Epsom, age 37. Cause of death certified as Pleurisy with effusion. Harry served in the 10th County of London Battalion, The London Regiment. Although the official reason for his discharge from the army was "in consequence of Para 393 (XVI) KR [King’s Regulations] No longer physically fit for war service", Harry's conduct record suggests that the army may have been glad to see the back of him! (9) Benjamin, born 25/6/1897, baptized 15/8/1897 and died 29/1/1973 in St James' Hospital, Kings Lynn, age 75. Cause of death certified as Carcinoma of left bronchus. On 21/9/1929, when Benjamin was age 29, he married Lilian Mary CABLE (1900-1983), daughter of Edward James CABLE, a Machine minder, in St John the Baptist, Hoxton. (10) Edward, born 1/11/1899 in Islington, baptized 21/5/1900 at St Jude, Mildmay Park and died 13/11/1947 in Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford, age 48. Cause of death certified as Heart failure; Valvular disease; Post rheumatic disease. On 24/4/1929, when Edward was age 29, he married Emily NELSON (1908-?), daughter of William NELSON (deceased). (11) May Dorothy Blanche, born 26/9/1903, baptized 16/2/1905 at St Jude, Mildmay Park, and died 23/11/1993 in New Zealand, age 90. On 23/6/1938, when she was age 34, May Dorothy Blanche left London, bound for New Zealand on board the RMS Rangitata, an ocean passenger liner built in 1929 by John Brown and Company, Clydebank, and scrapped in 1962. The vessel was operated by the New Zealand Shipping Company between London and Wellington, via the Panama Canal, with her two sister ships Rangitiki and Rangitane. On 20/2/1943, when May was age 39, she married Frederick George SHORT (1910-?) in Auckland, New Zealand.

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