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This is page 5 of 12 tracing the history of the Cochrane family from their earliest origins in Somerset and Gloucestershire to London, and the link by marriage to the Chapple family. Variations in the surname spelling occur in the records. For consistency, what became the prevalent form - Cochrane - is used here. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

Fourth Generation (continued)

8. Census linkFrank COCHRANE [Parents]. Born 26/9/1856 in Shoreditch & baptized 24/10/1856 at St John the Baptist, Hoxton. Frank died 27/8/1914 at Guys Hospital, Southwark, age 57. Cause of death certified as Carcinoma of Stomach; Pneumonia.

On 23/2/1879, when Frank was age  22, he married Emma EVE, daughter of John Overy EVE & Ann Johnson MOWER at Holy Trinity Church, Hoxton. Although Emma is the name on the marriage certificate, Annie appears on her baptismal record, an event that took place 1/1/1860 at St Mary, Islington. The baptism entry gives a 8/6/1859 birth date. This is consistent with the birth registration - recorded as Annie - quarter ending September 1859, City of London registration district. Emma (Annie) was admitted with her son to the City Road Workhouse 14/4/1881 & discharged 18/4/1881. There is no obvious reference to her in any records after this date so it’s not known what happened to her or when she died.

They had the following child:

(1) Frank Overy, born 8/9/1879 at 64 Forston Street, Hoxton New Town & died 14/4/1881 at Holborn Workhouse, Hoxton New Town, age 17 months. Cause of death certified as Hydrocephalus; Diarrhoea. (2) Emma Maud, born 18 Aug 1881 at City of London Lying in Hospital & died 4 May 1951 at 2A Uspeth Road, Wembley, age 69. Cause of death certified as Exhaustion; Carcinoma of Pylorus. On 31 Jul 1915, when Emma Maud was age 33, she married Henry DALLAS, son of Henry DALLAS (deceased), at Hackney Register Office, London. (3) Ellen, born 12/9/1883 at 12 Bracklyn Street, Hoxton & died 18/10/1885 at Shoreditch Infirmary, Haggerston, age 23 months. Cause of death certified as Scrofula; Mesenteric disease; Diarrhoea.

9. Census linkAlfred Charles COCHRANE [Parents]. Born 4/3/1862 in Hoxton, London & baptized 2/4/1862 at St John the Baptist, Hoxton. Alfred died 1/4/1958 in Lister Hospital, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, age 96. Cause of death certified as Broncho-Pneumonia. Occupation: Soldier in the British Army (1881-1894); Breaker (1894); Warehouse Porter (1901); General labourer at the Country Gentlemen's Association (1911).

On 4/4/1885, when Alfred Charles was age 23, he married Mary Jane HAYES, daughter of Edward HAYES, a carpenter, in Blean Parish Church, Kent. Born about 1866, Mary Jane died 5/10/1889 in Dum Dum, Calcutta, India, age 24. Cause of death certified as Dysentery. There’s no evidence they had any children.

On 28/10/1894, when Alfred Charles was age 32, he married Ellen BIRKS, daughter of John BIRKS, at St John the Baptist, Islington. Ellen was born about 1871 in London & died quarter ending March 1928 in Hitchin, age about 56.

They had the following children:

(1) Alice Maud, born 20/5/1895 at the City of London Lying in Hospital, City Road, and died 28/1/1978 in Letchworth, age 82. Cause of death certified as Coronary thrombosis. On 22/8/1922, when Alice was age 27, she married William Alfred Edward SADLER (1894-?), son of John Henry SADLER, a Jeweller, at St Mark, Clerkenwell, London. (2) Lavinia, born 19/2/1897 & baptized 12/3/1897 in Islington and died there 18/4/1897, age 2 months. Cause of death certified as Phthisis (i.e. Tuberculosis). (3) Arabella, born 26/11/1899 at the City of London Lying in Hospital, and died 10/5/1966 in Harlow, age 66. Cause of death certified as Status Asthmaticus. On 17/3/1923, when Arabella was age 23, she married Thomas Alexander EAGLES (1897-?), son of Thomas William EAGLES, a Boilermaker, at Holy Trinity Church, Penge. (4) James Henry, born 15/9/1901 at the City of London Lying in Hospital, and died 24/2/1969 in Rochester, age 67. Cause of death certified as Coronary thrombosis; Ischaemic heart disease. On 8/1/1927, when James was age 25, he married Lily Hilda SPENCER (1904-1958) at the Parish Church, Hitchin. On 19/12/1959, when James was age 58, he married Rita Millicent GOODSHIP (a widow, nee GODFREY) at St Martin's Church, Knebworth. (5) Ellen, 24/7/1905 in Stratford, and died 7/10/1992 in Biggleswade, age 87. Cause of death certified as Congestive heart failure; Ischaemic heart disease; Senile dementia. On 20/9/1930, when Ellen was age 25, she married Sydney Arthur ADAMS (1906-?), Son of Arthur James ADAMS (deceased), at the Parish Church, Letchworth. (6) Thomas Sidney, born 12/6/1908 in Letchworth, and died 13/2/1982 in Stevenage, age 73. Cause of death certified as Broncho-pneumonia; Chronic obstructive airways disease. On 7/7/1934, when Thomas was age 26, he married Ida Margaret FOX (1909-?) at the Parish Church, Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire. On 22/121956, when Thomas was age 48, he married Alice Elizabeth KEFFORD (a widow, nee MAYLIN, 1898-1988) at the Methodist Church, Baldock. (7) Edith May, born 7/10/1910 in Letchworth, and died 1/7/1961 in Hitchin, age 50. Cause of death certified as Carcinoma of Oesophagus; Broncho-pneumonia. On  24/12/1940, when Edith was age 30, she married Harry WOOLNOUGH (1908-?), son of George WOOLNOUGH (deceased), at the Register Office, Hitchin.

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The Cochrane Family of Somerset, Gloucestershire

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