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This is page 12 of 12 tracing the history of the Cochrane family from their earliest origins in Somerset and Gloucestershire to London, and the link by marriage to the Chapple family. Variations in the surname spelling occur in the records. For consistency, what became the prevalent form - Cochrane - is used here. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

Sixth Generation

22. Charles Frederick George John Cochrane censusCharles Frederick George John COCHRANE [Parents]. Born 2/12/1901 & baptized 17/12/1901 at Emmanuel, Holloway. Charles Frederick died October 1990 in Waveney, Suffolk, age 88.

On 26/3/1927, when Charles was age 25, he married Ethel Lavinia MILLER, daughter of Horace Collins MILLER, at St Anne’s Church, Tottenham. Ethel Lavinia was born about 1903 in St Pancras. It’s not known when she died.

They had the following children:

(1) Ernest John, born 24/6/1929 in Edmonton and died in June 1994 in Barnstaple, Devon, age 65. Ernest John’s spouse and children may be living. (2) This child may be living.

23.Link to census Alfred John COCHRANE [Parents]. Born 14/5/1905 in Islington & baptized 5/11/1905 at St Mary, Hornsey Rise. Alfred John died 7/6/1965 in Waltham Forest, age 60.

An entry in the National Probate Calendar reads: “COCHRANE Alfred John of 6 Queens Grove Road London E4 died 7 June 1965 Administration London 20 July to Gladys Maud Cochrane widow. £5532.” (Around £101,235 at 2016 prices.)

In the quarter ending December 1928, when Alfred John was age 23, he married Gladys Maud HURD in Islington. Gladys Maud was born 25/3/1909 in Islington and died in May 1988 in Torbay, Devon, age 79.

Their child is thought to be living.

24.Link to census Edward Frederick COCHRANE [Parents]. Born 3/7/1907 in Islington, Edward Frederick died in December 1999 in Enfield, age 92.

In the quarter ending December 1933, when Edward Frederick was age 26, he married Alma Lavinia WORLEY, in Islington. Alma Lavinia was born 10/5/1910 in Bridgend, Glamorgan, and died quarter ending December 1978 in Enfield, age 68.

Their children are thought to be living.

25. William Charles COCHRANE [Parents]. Born 14/10/1912 in Islington, William Charles died in May 1996 in Crawley, West Sussex, age 83.

In the quarter ending March 1934, when William Charles was age 21, he married Amy HIBBERT, in Islington. Amy was born 16/6/1912 in St Pancras, and died quarter ending March 1980 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, age about 67.

Their children are thought to be living.

26. Maurice Alfred COCHRANE [Parents]. Born 2/1/1914 in Islington and died 21/9/1978 in Hillingdon, age 64.

On 1/6/1936, when Maurice Alfred was age 22, he married Phyllis Talbot EVANS in Hendon. Phyllis was born 29/8/1915 in Falmouth and died 21/1/2003 in Hillingdon, age 87.

Their children are thought to be living.

27. Ernest George COCHRANE [Parents]. Born quarter ending June 1919 in Islington. It’s not known when Ernest died.

In the quarter ending June 1943, when Ernest was age about 23, he married Winifred F. M. POTTER in Islington. Winifred was born in 1920, in Islington. It’s not known when she died.

Their children are thought to be living.

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The Cochrane Family of Somerset, Gloucestershire

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