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This is page 10 of 12 tracing the history of the Cochrane family from their earliest origins in Somerset and Gloucestershire to London, and the link by marriage to the Chapple family. Variations in the surname spelling occur in the records. For consistency, what became the prevalent form - Cochrane - is used here. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

Fifth Generation (continued)

17.Census link Frederick COCHRANE [Parents]. Born 24/8/1878 at 111 Georges Road, Islington, Frederick died 14/7/1962 at 35 Playford Road, Islington, age 83. Cause of death certified as Coronary thrombosis; Arteriosclerosis; Senility; Chronic bronchitis; Duodenal ulcer. Occupation: Variously Building labourer; Dyer.

On 13/9/1897, when Frederick was age 18, he married Mary Eliza BROWN, daughter of William BROWN (deceased), at All Saints, Tufnell Park, Islington. Mary Eliza was born 7/10/1881 in Battersea, so was just short of her 16th birthday when she married. Her age was given as 19 on the marriage certificate. Mary Eliza died quarter ending March 1967 in Islington, age 85.

They had the following children:

(1) Ellen Eliza, born 6/7/1898 in Islington & baptized 24/7/1898 in St Anne, Tollington Park, Islington. Ellen Eliza died September 1978 in Brentwood, Essex, age 80. On 25/12/1919, when Ellen Eliza was age 21, she married Albert Edward SHINGLER (1895-1960) a Book binder and son of John Thomas SHINGLER, a Portmanteau maker, in St Anne, Tollington Park. (2) Rose Elizabeth, born 26/10/1899 in Islington & baptized 11/2/1900 at St Anne, Tollington Park, Islington. Rose Elizabeth died in 1967 in Islington, age 67. On 1/4/1923, when Rose Elizabeth was age 23, she married John Henry PEARMAIN (1899-1977), son of George Henry PEARMAIN, in St Anne, Tollington Park. (3) Beatrice Josephine, born 11/4/1903 in Islington. It’s not known when Beatrice Josephine died. On 26/12/1925, when Beatrice Josephine was age 22, she married James Augustus HAROLD (1898-1957) a Builder & decorator, son of Thomas Arthur HAROLD, a Veterinary surgeon, in St Saviour, Crouch Hill, Islington. (4) Alfred John [23]. (5) Albert Frederick, born 9/11/1909 in Islington and baptized 6/2/1901 in St Paul, Upper Holloway. Albert Frederick died in September 1997, age 87. In 1935, when Albert Frederick was age about 35, he married Doris Louisa PILE (1910-?) in Islington. (6) Florence Louisa, born 9/8/1912 in Islington and died 25/7/1984 in Cheriton, Folkestone, age 71. An entry in the National Probate Calendar reads: “GILBERT, Florence Louisa of 11 Firs La Cheriton Folkestone died 25 July 1984 Probate Brighton 2 October Not exceeding £40000. (Around £129,000 today.) In 1935, when Florence Louisa was age about 22, she married Albert Edward GILBERT (1911-1975) in Dover, Kent.

18.Census link Benjamin Robert COCHRANE [Parents]. Born 8/2/1882 at 85 St James' Road, Islington, Benjamin Robert died 28/6/1960 at Friern Barnet Road, Finchley, age 78. Cause of death certified as Acute on [sic] chronic bronchitis with emphysema; Ventricular failure; Senility. Occupation: Labourer.

On 12/3/1905, when Benjamin Robert was age 23, he married Emma DAY, daughter of Joseph DAY (deceased), at St Mary, Hornsey Rise. Emma was born 8/11/1885 in West Green, London, and died 3/11/1961 in Hendon, age 75.

They had the following children:

(1) Benjamin Robert, born 16/11/1905 in Islington and died 6/1/1951 at 3 Croxford Gardens, Wood Green, age 45. Cause of death certified as Pulmonary tuberculosis. On 24/5/1941, when Benjamin was age 35, he married Emma Lilian ENDALL (1901-?) nee HOCKCLIFFE, a divorcee and daughter of Harry Joseph HOCKCLIFFE (deceased), at Edmonton Register Office. (2) Edward Frederick [24]. (3) Frank Henry, born 10/4/1909 in Islington and died March 1987 in Enfield, age 77. (4) Ethel Beatrice, born 20/3/1911 at 21 Thorpedale Road, Islington and died 5/9/1935 at 204 Hoxton Road, Shoreditch, age 24. Cause of death certified as Pulmonary tuberculosis. On 20/4/1935, when Ethel Beatrice was age 24, she married David John PALMER (1908-?), son of Edgar Cecil PALMER (deceased), at St Mary Church, Islington. (5) Rose Elizabeth, born 25/10/1912 at 20 Victor Road, Islington. It’s not known when Rose died. (6) Phyllis, born and died in the quarter ending December 1919 in Islington. (7) George William, born 12/8/1921 in Islington and died 2004 in Fakenham, Norfolk, age 82. (8) John, born 1923 in Islington and died there in April 2000, age 76. (9) Stanley, born 1925 in Islington and died 1926 in Edmonton, age 1. Plus one other who may still be living.

19.Census link Thomas COCHRANE [Parents]. Born 25/12/1892 at 22 Ellenborough Road, Upper Holloway, Thomas died 10/6/1964 at the Whittington Hospital, Islington, age 71. Cause of death certified as Carcinoma of the Bronchus. Occupation: Carman (1901 census and 1910 marriage certificate); Grocer’s assistant (1911 census).

On  31/7/1910, when Thomas was age 17 (but is recorded as age 20 on the marriage certificate), he married Amelia JONES, daughter of James JONES, a barber, at St Paul's Church, St Pancras. Amelia was born 5/1/1892 in Marylebone and also gave her age as 20 at the time of her marriage. Amelia died in 1973 in Horsham, Sussex, age 81.

They had the following children:

(10 Thomas, born around January 1911 in Islington and died there quarter ending Jun 1912, age 1. (2) William Charles [25]. (3) Maurice Alfred [26]. (4) Robert, born 22/5/1916 in Islington and died there quarter ending December 1918, age 2. (5) Ernest George [27]. (6) Florence, (7) Lilian, born late 1921/early 1922 in Islington. It’s not known when Lilian died. (8) Herbert Edward, born 21/6/1927 in Islington and died there in 1981. Herbert’s wife and children may be living.

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The Cochrane Family of Somerset, Gloucestershire

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