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This is page 4 of 12 tracing the history of the Cochrane family from their earliest origins in Somerset and Gloucestershire to London, and the link by marriage to the Chapple family. Variations in the surname spelling occur in the records. For consistency, what became the prevalent form - Cochrane - is used here. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

Fourth Generation

6.Census link William COCHRANE [Parents]. Born 16/12/1848 at 29 Coventry Street, Bethnal Green, William died 25/10/1895 at 11, Block E, Peabody Square, Southwark, age 46. Cause of death certified as Phthisis; Chronic asthma. Occupation: Furniture salesman.

William Cochrane 1848-1895 pictureOn 25/12/1873, when William was age 25, he married Eliza Catherine VERNON, daughter of Henry Gardner VERNON, a Law Stationer, in St Mary, Lambeth. Eliza Catherine was born quarter ending September 1849 in Lambeth & died quarter ending March 1931 in West Ham, age 81.

They had the following children (all events in Peabody Square, Southwark unless stated otherwise):

(1) William, born 20/10/1874 in Southwark & died 22/9/1930 in Dulwich, age given incorrectly on his death certificate as 50. Cause of death Carcinoma of tongue. On 11/11/1900, when William was age 26, he married Catherine Mary BURRELL (1873-?), daughter of Hugh Thomas BURRELL, a Journeyman Tailor, at All Saints Church, Newington. There’s no evidence they had any children. (2) Henry Alfred, born 18/1/1876 & died 4/3/1877, age 1. Cause of death certified as Broncho-pneumonia 8 days. (3) Alfred Vernon, born 18/5/1877 & died 1/3/1878, age 9 months. Cause of death certified as Bronchitis 5 days; Convulsions 2 days. (4) Eliza Florence, born 26/7/1878 & died 25/2/1879, age 6 months. Cause of death certified as Dentition convulsions. (5) Harry, born 26/11/1879 & died  23/12/1893, age 14. Cause of death certified as Parotitis (i.e. mumps); Ulcerated tonsils; Exhaustion. (6) Arthur Frederick [13]. (7) Emily Edith, born 15/4/1882 & died 7/3/1884, age 1. Cause of death certified as Pertussis (i.e. whooping cough). (8) Bertie Charles, born 3/7/1883 & died 15/3/1884, age 8 months. Cause of death certified as Rachitis (i.e. rickets) convulsions. (9) Albert Victor,  born 15/6/1885 & died 1893, age about 7. (10) Ernest [14]. Edith Maud Cochrane & Edward George Perkins wedding picture(11) Charles Sidney, born 25/2/1889 & died 24/12/1893, age 4. Cause of death certified as “Croup membranous 5 days”. (12) Edith Maud, born 8/4/1891 & died 1942 in Pancras, London, age 51. In 19/4/1919, when Edith was age about 28, she married Edward George PERKINS (1894-1951) at St Mary Parish Church, Lambeth.

Thanks to Lesley Parks for the photos. Select an image to enlarge

7.Census link Alfred John COCHRANE [Parents]. Born 16/12/1858 in Lambeth, Alfred died 14/9/1931 in Worcester Park, Surrey, age 72. Cause of death certified as Senile decay. Occupation: Lithographic Printer. An entry in the National Probate Calendar reads: “COCHRANE Alfred John of Peacehaven Farm Way Worcester Park Surrey died 14 September 1931 Probate London 3 November to Alfred Frank Cochrane cutter and Edward Henry Spratt retired printer. Effects £2308 0s. 10d. Resworn £2728 0s. 10d.” (Around £160,679.00 at 2016 prices.)

On 27/9/1884, when Alfred was age 25, he married Louisa Eleanor FOSTER (1862-1924) at St Mary, Lambeth.

They had the following children:

(1) Alfred Frank, born 17/8/1885 at 20 Olney Street, Newington & died 7/1/1962 at 16 Lansdowne Gardens, Hellingly, Sussex. Cause of death certified as Hemiplegia; Cerebral haemorrhage; Hypertension; Senility. On 16/9/1916, when Alfred Frank was age 31, he married May Lilian Reed (1890-?), daughter of Allan REED, a Police Pensioner, at St Mark's Church, Mitcham. (2) Ada Emily, born 18/1/1891 at 3 Mead Row, Lambeth & died 12/3/1979 at All Saints Hospital, Eastbourne, age 88. Cause of death certified as Broncho pneumonia; Diverticulitis of colon; Diabetes mellitus. On 10/3/1917, when Ada was age 26, she married Horace John Edgar PITWELL (1894-1977), son of John PITWELL (deceased), at St Barnabas' Church, South Kennington. (3) Francis James, born 18/10/1887 at 50 Gladstone Street, Southwark & died 10/4/1956 at 66 Stoughton Avenue, Cheam, Surrey, age 68. Cause of death certified as Cardiac asthma; Fibroid myocardial degeneration. On 6/9/1919, when Francis James was age 31, he married Lelia Ada RILEY (1888-1971), daughter of Henry Arthur RILEY, a builder, at St Barnabas' Church, South Kennington. (4) Eleanor Elizabeth, born 20/11/1893 at 3 Mead Row, Lambeth. It’s not known when she died. On 25/4/1943, When Eleanor was age 49, she married James RICHMOND (1891-?), son of Robert RICHMOND (deceased) at St Paul's Covent Garden, London.

On 11/9/1928, when Alfred John was age 69, he married Harriet SHERWOOD, a widow, daughter of William Philip FITCH (deceased) at St James' Parish Church, Clapham.

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The Cochrane Family of Somerset, Gloucestershire

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