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This is page 3 of 3 tracing the Mayatt family of Wycombe, Buckinghamshire and Snodland, Kent, showing the links by marriage the Parris and Monk families. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the previous page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Mayatt Family of Buckinghamshire and Kent

10.William Mayatt census William MAYATT [Parents]. Baptized 2/2/1854 in St Mary Cray, William probably died January 1927 in Forge Cottages, Lower Halling, age 72. He was buried 27/1/1927 in St John the Baptist Church, Halling.

On 28/6/1874, when William was age 20, he married Amelia MONK daughter of James and Susan MONK in Strood. Amelia was baptized 18/3/1855 in Halling and died around December 1929 in Willmotts Cottages, Lower Halling, age 74. She was buried 3/1/1930 at St John the Baptist, Halling.

They had the following children:

(1) William Charles, born 1875 in Snodland.  On 18/11/1899, when William was age 24, he married married Kate JARVIS in St John the Baptist, Halling. (2) James Edward, born 1876 in Snodland. On 4/8/1900, when James was age 24, he married Matilda YOUNG in St John the Baptist, Halling. (3) Alice, baptized 7/11/1878 in Snodland. Alice married Richard John PARRIS, son of James and Ellen PARRIS. (4) Ernest John, born 8/9/1880 and baptized 8/3/1882 in Snodland. On 28/11/1903, when Ernest was age 23, he married Ada Rebecca Capon PARRIS, daughter of Alfred George PARRIS and Mary Ellen CAPON in Halling. Ernest died 26/2/1953, age 72, and was buried 4/3/1953 in Snodland. (5) Amy, born 1883 in Snodland. On 6/8/1904 when Amy was age 21, she married Charles ALLCORN in St John the Baptist, Halling. (6) Charley, born 23/11/1884 and baptized 16/1/1889 in Halling. In 1913, when Charley was age about 29, he married Edith Mabel SNELL in Strood. (7) Arthur, born 19/1/1887 and baptized 16/1/1889 in Halling. On 14/6/1914, when Arthur was age 27, he married Winifred Gladys Emily KEMBER in Birling. (8) Albert, born 13/11/1888 in Halling.  In 1916, when Albert was age about 27, he married Emily Mary WARMAN. (9) Edith, born 1/12/1890 and baptized 2/3/1891 in Halling. In 1914, when Edith was age about 24, she married Thomas Fletcher FULLMAN in Strood. (10) Leonard, born 25/2/1893 and baptized 7/5/1893 in Halling. On 21/3/1918 Leonard was killed in action during the Battle of the Somme, age 25, serving with the 7th Bn., Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment). (11) Ada, born 23/1/1896 in Halling. On 2/7/1915, when Ada was age 19, she married Fergus O'Connor BONSER at St John the Baptist, Halling. On 14/7/1916 Fergus was killed in action in France. On 27/10/1917, when Ada was age 21, she married William Arthur SNELL.

11.Henry Job Mayatt census Henry Job MAYATT [Parents]. Born 1869 in Snodland, Henry Job died 5/1/1943 in Snodland, age about 74. An entry in the National Probate Calendar reads: “MAYATT Henry Job of 13 East Street Snodland Kent died 5 January 1943 Probate Llandudno 10 February to James George Mayatt retired labourer. Effects £1549 11s. 11d.” (The equivalent of around £69,595 today.) Occupation: Papermaker.

On 6/1/1894, when Henry was age about 25, he married Julia JEFFREY in Malling. Julia was born about 1874 in Tovil, Kent and died 1950 in Dartford, age about 75.

They had the following children, all born/baptized Snodland:

(1) Charles Henry, baptized 6/10/1895 and died November 1896, age 1. (2) Nellie Evelyn, born 1898. On 14/6/1919, when Nellie was age 21, she married Roland BURREN in All Saints Parish Church, Snodland. (3) Arthur John, born 1900 and probably died in December 1916. He was buried 2/1/1917 in Snodland. (4) Florence Kathleen May, born 27/1/1902. In 1926, when Florence was age 24, she married George Alfred DURLING. (5) Job Henry, born 5/3/1904. In 1934, when Job was age about 30, he married Ruby Emily INGLETON.

Fourth Generation (continued)

12.James John Mayatt census James John MAYATT [Parents]. Born 1869 in Orpington, James John died 1942 in Bromley, Kent, age 72. Occupation: House painter.

In 1893, when James John was age about 24, he married Harriet Maria TURNER in Bromley. Harriet Maria was born about 1869 in St Paul’s Cray. It is not known when she died.

They had the following children:

(1) Emily Maud, born 12/1/1894 in St Pauls Cray. Emily Maud died in 1980. She never married. (2) Elsie Lily, born 17/3/1896, St Mary Cray. Elsie died in 1972. She never married.

13.Joseph Charles Mayatt census Joseph Charles MAYATT [Parents]. Born 1872 in Snodland, Joseph Charles died 1956 in Maidstone, age about 83. Occupation: Machine man at paper mill.

On 25/12/1894, when Joseph Charles was age 22, he married Sarah Ann AUSTIN in Birling. Born about 1874 in Wandsworth, Sarah died 1926 in Milton, age about 52.

They had the following child:

(1) Joseph Henry, born 29/9/1895 in Snodland. On 23/12/1917 Joseph Henry was killed in action in Jerusalem, then in Palestine, age 21, serving with the 2nd/18th Battalion London Regiment (London Irish Rifles). Joseph is remembered on the Jerusalem Memorial, commemorating 3,300 Commonwealth servicemen who died during the First World War in operations in Egypt or Palestine and who have no known grave.

Fifth Generation

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