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Census transcript for Alfred Stephen Luchford (1883-1957) & family

1891: 3 [illegible] Cottage, Frindsbury, Kent. Alfred Luchford (head) age 30, born Rochester Kent occ Bargeman. Alice Luchford (wife) age 26, born Rochester Kent. Fred Luchford (brother) age 29, born Rochester Kent occ Bargeman. Alfred S. Luchford (son) age 7, born Rochester Kent. Alice E. A. Luchford (dtr) age 6, born Rochester Kent NA ref RG12/653/55 page 8 sch 43

1901: On board the vessel “Mabel Maud”. Frederick Luchford (single) age 39, born Rochester Kent occ Master, coasting general cargo (Employer). Alfred Luchford (mate, single) age 17, born Rochester Kent occ Mate, coasting general cargo (worker). George Golden (cook, single) age 19, born Milton Kent occ Cook, coasting general cargo (worker). NA ref RG13/824/64 page 1e

1911: 55 Grange Road, Frindsbury, Kent. Elizabeth Catherine Luchford (head, married 3 years) age 26. Children born alive 2; Still alive 2. Born Chatham Kent. Frederick William Luchford (son) age 2, born Strood Kent. Alfred Ernest Luchford (son) age 8 months, born Strood Kent. NA ref RG14 PN3868 RD45 SD2 ED13 Sch91. There is no trace of Alfred Stephen Luchford in this census