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Census transcript for William Thomas Luchford (1863-?) & family

1871: No trace

1881: General Shop, Halling, Kent. William Luckford [sic] (boarder) age 18 born Halling, Kent occ Baker's Shopman. Living in the household of Stephen Wood, age 41, a Grocer, baker, & butcher. NA ref RG11/880/103 page 23 sch 106

1891: 58 Bruce Road, Bromley, Kent. William Luchford (head) age 27, born Halling Rochester [sic] occ Police Constable. Eliza Luchford (wife) age 26, born Halling Rochester. William Luchford (son) age 2, born Bromley London. Maude [sic] (dtr) age 1, born Bromley London. Horace Luchford (brother) age 14, born Halling Rochester occ Grocer's assistant. Mary Luchford (sister in law, widow) age 26, born Ware Hertfordshire occ Living on her own means. NA ref RG12/320/82 page 22 sch 145

1901: 58 Bruce Road, Bromley by Bow, London. William Luchford (head) age 37, born Upper Halling Kent occ Metro Police Constable. Eliza E. Luchford (wife) age 36, Lower Halling Kent. William T. Luchford (son) age 12, born Bromley London. Maud E. Luchford (dtr) age 11, born Bromley London. Mabel F. Luchford (dtr) age 9, born Bromley London. Ivy L. Luchford (dtr) age 7, born Bromley London. Ethel M. Luchford (dtr) age 5, born Bromley London. Ernest G. Luchford (son) age 3, born Bromley London. Harold L. Luchford (son) age 1, born Bromley London. NA ref RG13/344/80 page 35 sch 245

1911: 30 Bruce Road, Bromley by Bow, London. William Thos. Luchford (head, married) age 47, born Rochester Kent occ Police constable. Eliza E. Luchford (wife married 24 years) age 46. Children born alive 7, still living 7. Born Rochester Kent. William Thos. Luchford (son, single) age 22, born Bromley by Bow occ Insurance agent. Maud E. Luchford (dtr, single) age 21, born Bromley by Bow occ Tea packer. Mabel F. Luchford (dtr, single) age 19, born Bromley by Bow occ Assistant cook. Ivy L. Luchford (dtr, single) age 17, born Bromley by Bow occ Assistant dress maker. Ethel M. Luchford (dtr, single) age 15, born Bromley by Bow occ Tea packer. Ernest G. Luchford (son, single) age 14, born Bromley by Bow. Harold L. Luchford (son, single) age 11, born Bromley by Bow. NA ref RG14 PN1678 RD22 SD2 ED1 sch223