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This is page 6 of 7 tracing the Luchford family of the Snodland, Malling and Rochester areas of Kent.  It shows the link by marriage with the Parris and Roots families. Variations in the surname’s spelling are found in the records e.g. Lutchford, Latchford, Luckford. We have used the correct form - Luchford - here. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the previous page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Luchford Family of Snodland, Kent

Fourth Generation

17.Link to census William Thomas LUCHFORD [Parents]. Baptized 6/12/1863 in Halling, William Thomas died 1/1/1928 in Great Burstead, Essex, age 64.

An entry in the National Probate Calendar reads: “LUCHFORD William Thomas of The Duke of York Beerhouse Great Burstead Essex died 1 January 1928 Administration London 21 February to Eliza Elizabeth Luchford widow. Effects £218 14s” (The equivalent of around £13,0755 today.) Occupation: Metropolitan Police Constable; Beerhouse keeper.

In 1887, when William Thomas was age about 23, he married his cousin Eliza Elizabeth LUCHFORD, daughter of Charles LUCHFORD and Jemima MUDDLE, in Maidstone.

They had the following children, all born Bromley by Bow, London:

(1) William Thomas, born 1888. (2) Maud Elizabeth, born about 1890. (3) Mabel Florence, born about 1892. (4) Ivy Lilian, born 1893. (5) Ethel May, born 1895. (6) Ernest George, born 1897. (7) Harold Luke, born 1899.

18.Link to census Horace John LUCHFORD [Parents]. Born 1876 in Aylesford, Horace John died 27/10/1916 in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA, age about 40. Occupation: Lime burner; Labourer.

In 1896, when Horace John was age about 20, he married Clara ROOTS, daughter of William ROOTS and Hannah PARRIS. Born 1879 in Halling, Clara died sometime after 1941 in Massachusetts.

They had the following children:

(1) Horace John, born about 1897 in Strood. Around 1919, when Horace John was age about 21, he married Beatrice (maiden name unknown), probably in Massachusetts. (2) Ida May, born 1899 in Strood. (3) Edith Clara,  born 1901 in Strood. (4) Phyllis M, born about 1914 in Massachusetts.

19.Link to census Charles LUCHFORD [Parents]. Born 9/8/1854 in Rochester, Charles died 1940 in Hollingbourne, age 85. Occupation: Master Mariner (1881, 1891); Tug Captain (1901, 1911); Retired tug master later Fishmonger (1939).

In 1876, when Charles was age about 21, he married Mary Ann Isabella WHITE in Medway. Mary was born about 1858 in Maidstone and died 1901 in Rochester, age about 43.

They had the following children:

(1) Elizabeth Sarah, born 1878 in Rochester. (2) Alice, born 1880 in Maidstone. (3) Mary Ann Isabella, born 1887 in Maidstone. (4) Emily Dorothy, born 1894 in Maidstone.

In 1910, when Charles was age 56, he married Annie Marie GOODWIN in Rochester. Annie Marie was born about 1857 in Chatham  and died 1930 in Rochester, age about 73.

20. Albert Henry Luchford censusAlbert Henry LUCHFORD [Parents]. Born 19/9/1881 in Milton-next-Gravesend and baptized 27/12/1881 in St Peter and St Paul, Milton-next-Gravesend, Albert Henry died 1949 in Chatham, age 68. Occupation: Bargeman (1901); Waterman and Lighterman (1911); Registered port worker (1939).

In 1915, when Albert was age 33, he married Nellie May OVER in Strood. Nellie May was born 14/12/1890 in Snodland and died 1977 in Dartford, age 86.

They had the following children:

(1) Arthur, born 21/1/1916 in Strood and died 1966 in Brighton, age 50. (2) Jack Alfred, born 6/4/1918 in Gravesend and died there 18/1/1992, age 73. (3) Eileen Winnie, born 1/6/1919 in Strood and died October 2005, age 86. (4) Betty Patricia, born 5/9/1922 in Strood and died 17/12/2009 in Dartford, age 87. (5) Margaret, born 1925 in Strood. It’s not known when she died. (6) Tessie, born 1926 in Strood and died 6/3/2013, age 86. (7) Norma Mary, born 13/10/1928 in Strood and died October 1999, age 71. (8) William Albert, born 15/4/1930 in Strood and died December 2001 in Hastings, age 71.

21.Link to census Charles Bazley LUCHFORD [Parents]. Born 2/7/1886 in Gravesend, Charles Bazley died 26/5/1970 in Gravesend, age 83. Occupation: Page boy (Doctor) 1901; Coal porter (1911 and 1939).

Although stating in the 1911 census he’d been married for four years, in 1912, when Charles Bazley was age 26, he married Elizabeth Emily PAY in West Ham. Born 29/2/1884 in Ashford, Elizabeth Emily died 27/1/1968, age 83, in Gravesend.

They had the following children, all born Gravesend:

(1) Florence Regina Dora, born about April 1908 in Gravesend and baptized 14/5/1908 in St Peter and St Paul Church, Milton-next-Gravesend. Florence died in 1970 in Welling, age about 61. (2) Kathleen, born 1910. (3) Annie, born about 1913 and died in 1988, age about 75. Link to CWGC citation(4) Albert Alfred, born 11/7/1916 and baptized 26/7/1916 in St Peter and St Paul Church, Milton-next-Gravesend. Albert Alfred died 18/8/1944, killed in action during World War 2 in France. (5) Dorothy, born 1/6/1922 and died 1994, age about 72. (6) Arthur Kennett, born 1/6/1923 and died 16/12/1994 in Gravesend, age 71. (7) Christine Olive, born 13/11/1925 and died 1995, age about 70. (8) Phyllis, born 28/11/1927 and died 2001, age about 74.

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