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This is page 3 of 7 tracing the Luchford family of the Snodland, Malling and Rochester areas of Kent.  It shows the link by marriage with the Parris and Roots families. Variations in the surname’s spelling are found in the records e.g. Lutchford, Latchford, Luckford. We have used the correct form - Luchford - here. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the previous page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Luchford Family of Snodland, Kent

Third Generation

7.Link to census William LUCHFORD [Parents]. Baptized 26/8/1821 in Snodland, William died in about 1909, age about 88, in Chippenham, Wiltshire.  Occupation: Butler.

On 27/7/1858, when William was age 35, he married Elizabeth HALL, daughter of John HALL, a Coach proprietor, in St Trinity Church, St Marylebone, London. Elizabeth was born about 1825 in Finchley and died 1903  in Chippenham, age about 78.

They had the following children, both born in Chippenham:

(1) Mary Phillis, born around July 1859 and baptized 14/8/1859 in St Paul, Chippenham, Wiltshire. Mary died 1/3/1956 at St Andrews Hospital, Chippenham, age 96. An entry in the National Probate Calendar reads: “LUCHFORD Mary Phillis of 102 Priory Street Corsham Wiltshire spinster died 1 March 1956 at St Andrews Hospital Chippenham Wiltshire Probate Winchester 30 April to Lloyds Bank Limited. Effects £1474 1s 7d.” (The equivalent of around £36,850 today.) (2) William, born around September 1861 and baptized 3/11/1861 in St Paul, Chippenham. William died 1868 in Axbridge, Somerset, age about 7.

8.Link to census Charles LUCHFORD [Parents]. Baptized 17/4/1825 in Snodland, Charles died 1887 in Godstone, Surrey, age about 62. Occupation: General Labourer.

On 6/10/1851, when Charles was age 26, he married Jemima MUDDLE, daughter of James and Phoebe MUDDLE, in St Nicholas Church, Strood. Jemima was baptized 18/8/1833 in St Margaret of Antioch Church, Isfield, Sussex and died in 1898, age about 64. She was buried 4/3/1898 in Halling.

They had the following children:

(1) Luke Henry, baptized 2/4/1858 in St Mary's Church, Hunton, Luke died 1898 in Halling, age about 40. (2) Eliza Elizabeth, baptized 12/3/1865 in Halling. In 1887, when Eliza Elizabeth was age 22, he married her cousin William Thomas LUCHFORD, son of Thomas LUCHFORD and Charlotte BENNETT, in Maidstone. (3) John Edward, baptized 26/3/1871 in Halling. (4) Laura Susannah, baptized 8/8/1875 in Halling. (5) Alice, born 1880.

9.Link to census Thomas LUCHFORD [Parents]. Born about 1839 in Malling, Thomas died 2/12/1899. Occupation: General Labourer.

In 1862, when Thomas was age about 23, he married Charlotte BENNETT in Malling. Charlotte was born about 1841 in West Peckham and died 8/3/1924 in Halling, age about 83.

They had the following children, all born/baptized in Halling:

(1) William Thomas [17]. (2) Thomas, baptized 10/9/1865 and 1894 in Halling, age about 28. (3) Theodore, baptized 20/10/1867 and 1891 in Halling, age about 23. (4) Lizzie, baptized 4/4/1869. (5) Ernest, baptized 13/11/1870. (6) George Henry, born 1872. (7) Adelaide, born about October 1874 and died March 1934 at Hazel View, Primrose Road, Upper Halling, age 59. On 6/11/1897, when Adelaide was age 23, she married Alfred DURLING (1874-1932) in the Parish Church, Cuxton. (8) Horace John [18]. (9) Henrietta, born 1878. In 1899, when Henrietta was age about 20, she married Edward Lewis BLACKWELL in Strood. Henrietta died 15/11/1907 in Halling, age 28 years.

10. Stephen LUCHFORD [Parents]. Born 1831, it is not known when Stephen died. There do not seem to be any census entries for Stephen Luchford.

On 24/7/1853, when Stephen was age about 22, he married Sarah SOAL. Born about 1830 in Boughton, it is not known when Sarah died.

They had the following children:

(1) Charles [19]. (2) Maria. (3) Mary Ann. (4) Arthur. (5) Rose.

11.Link to census William John LUCHFORD [Parents]. Born 11/6/1846 in Rochester and baptized 25/7/1847 in St Margaret’s Church, Rochester, William John died 1923 in Gravesend, age about 77.

In 1873, when William John was age about 26, he married Elizabeth Mary CURTIS in Poplar. Born about 1856 in Barking, Elizabeth Mary died 28/5/1909 in Gravesend, age about 53.

They had the following children:

(1) Elizabeth Mary, born about 1874 in Romford. (2) John William, born 1876. (3) Mary, born 1877. (4) William, born 1878. (5) Arthur James, born 1880 in Gravesend and died 1/3/1904, age about 24. (6) Albert Henry [20]. (7) Charles Bazley [21]. (8) George [22]. (9) Alfred Thomas, born 1891 in Gravesend. (10) Dora May, born 1894 in Gravesend. (11) Frederick Harry, born 1896 in Gravesend and died 4/2/1900, age about 3.

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