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This is page 1 of 7 tracing the Luchford family of the Snodland, Malling & Rochester areas of Kent.  It shows the link by marriage with the Parris & Roots families. Variations in the surname’s spelling are found in the records e.g. Lutchford, Latchford, Luckford. We have used the correct form - Luchford - here. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Luchford Family of Snodland, Kent

First Generation

1. James LUCHFORD. Born about 1770, James died around July 1836 in Snodland and was buried 10/7/1836 in All Saints Church, Snodland. His age in the burial record was given as 65.

On 10/6/1795, when James was age about 24, he married Sarah MARTIN at All Saints Church, Snodland. It is not known when Sarah was born or died.

They had the following children:

(1) William [2]. (2) James [3]. (3) Anne, baptized 23/11/1800 in Halling. On 20/7/1823, when Anne was age 22, she married Thomas GARDENER. (4) Sarah, baptized 27/1/1805 in Halling. (5) Frances, baptized 4/9/1808 in Halling. On 4/8/1828, when Frances was age 19, she married John Holding COLLEY at St Peter & St Paul, Milton by Gravesend. (6) Charlotte, born about 1811. On 27/12/1830, when Charlotte was age about 19, she married John Dilton Croxton BAKER at St Peter & St Paul, Milton by Gravesend. (7) John [4]. (8) Harriett, baptized 21/4/1816 in Snodland & died 22/5/1816, age 1 month. (9) George [5]. (10) Richard Martin [6].

Second Generation

2.Link to census William LUCHFORD [Parents]. Baptized 22/5/1796 in All Saints Parish Church, Snodland, William died around October 1872 in Halling, age 76, and was buried 3/11/1872 in St John the Baptist, Halling.

On 1/10/1820, when William was age 24, he married Mary WOOD (1802-?) in St Peter & St Paul Church, Luddesdown.

They had the following children, all born/baptized in Snodland:

(1) William [7]. (2) Eliza, baptized 28/3/1826. (3) Charles [8]. (4) Edward, baptized 24/12/1826. (5) James, baptized 11/5/1828. (6) John Angel, baptized 25/4/1830. (7) Mary, baptized 15/7/1832. On 20/5/1850, when Mary was (according to the marriage entry) age 18, she married William PARRIS, son of James PARRIS & Mary Ann HARRIS, at St John the Baptist Church, Halling. Link to historical noteMary died quarter ending June 1914, age 81. (8) Sarah Martine, baptized 8/6/1834. On 25/12/1860, when Sarah Martine was age 26, she married Richard JOHNS at St John the Baptist Church, Halling. Richard was born 7/4/1835 in Polruan, Cornwall, & died 20/12/1907 in Plymouth, age 72. (9) George, baptized 22/5/1836. (10) Thomas [9]. (11) Jane, baptized 13/1/1839. (12) Frances Hannah, baptized 6/6/1841. On 29/2/1868, when Frances Hannah was age about 26, she married Charles Edward JOHNS in Halling. (13) Elizabeth Ann, baptized 22/10/1843. In the quarter ending December 1866, when Elizabeth Ann was age 23, she married Robert ASHBY.

3.Link to census James LUCHFORD [Parents]. Baptized 24/6/1798 in Halling, James died 28/9/1872, age 74. An entry in the National Probate Calendar reads: “20 November 1872: The will of James Luchford formerly of Rochester Kent Victualler but late of Whitewall Frindsbury who died 28 September 1872 was proved at the Principal Registry by Frederick Twisden Willows of High Street Chatham Poulterer the surviving executor. Effects under £100.” (The equivalent of around £9,400 today.)

About 1825, James married Harriett PHILLIPS (exact marriage date unknown). Harriett was born about 1811 in Snodland and died 1892, age about 81.

They had the following children:

(1) James, born about 1826. (2) Mary, born about 1829. (3) Stephen [10]. (4) Richard, born about 1833. (5) John, born about 1835. (6) Harriott, born about 1837. (7) Maria, born about 1838.

4. John LUCHFORD [Parents]. Baptized 19/9/1813 in Snodland, it is not known when John died. John cannot be traced in any census records.

On 3/7/1843, when John was age about 29, he married Mary Ann Matilda ROGERS in East Malling. Mary Ann Matilda was baptized 11/4/1819 at St Mary Rochester. The marriage entry gives her surname as EATON which makes it likely that she was a widow at the time of the marriage to John.

They had the following children:

(1) John, baptized 12/5/1844 in Strood. John died quarter ending September 1845, age 1. (2) William John [11]. (3) Thomas James [12]. (4) Sarah Ann, baptized 18/10/1854 in Strood. (5) Walter George [13]. (6) John, baptized 7/12/1863 & died 1/7/1864 in Rochester, age 7 months.

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