Census transcript for James Payne (1866-?) & family

1871: [Illegible] Cottages, Cliffe, Kent. Henry [sic] Payne (head) age 32, born Marden Kent occ Farm Labourer. Rebecker [sic] Payne age 31, born Cliffe Kent. Edward Payne (son) age 10, born Cliffe Kent. William Payne (son) age 9, born Cliffe Kent. Matilda Payne (dtr) age 6, born Cliffe Kent. James Payne (son) age 4, born Cliffe Kent. Elisabeth [sic] Payne (dtr) age 1, born Cliffe Kent. James Craford (lodger) age 24, born Dartford Kent occ Farm Labourer. NA ref RG10/898/23 page 5 sch 21

1881: 3 Berry Court, Cliffe, Kent. James Payne (lodger) age 15, born Cliffe Kent occ Farm labourer. Living in the household of William Yound age 47, born Cliffe Kent, also a Farm labourer. NA ref RG11/880/31 page 12 sch 24

1891: 71 Melbourne Street, Salford, Lancashire. James Payne (head) age 24, born Cliffe Kent occ Loco engine driver. Alice Payne (wife) age 23, born Gravesend Kent. Herbert Payne (son) age 3, born Gravesend Kent. James Payne (son) age 2, born Gravesend Kent. Sidney Payne (son) age 8 months, born Salford Lancs. NA ref RG12/3227/65 page 20 sch 120

1901: 87 Charles Street, Stone by Dartford, Kent. James Payne (head) age 35, born Cliffe Kent occ General labourer. Alice Payne (wife) age 34, born Gravesend Kent. Herbert Payne (son) age 13, born Gravesend Kent. James Payne (son) age 12, born Gravesend Kent. Sidney Payne (son) age 9, born Manchester. Beatrice Payne (dtr) age 7, born Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Jessie Payne (dtr) age 4, born Rotherhithe London. Thomas Payne (son) age 1, born Rotherhithe London. NA ref RG13/705/58 page 8 sch 42

1911: 5 Florence Avenue, Arundel Street, Sculcoates, Yorkshire East Riding. James Payne (head) age 42, born Cliffe Rochester occ Crane driver, dock. Alice Payne (wife, married 24 years) age 41. Children born alive 6; Still living 6; Died 0. Born Higham. Beatrice Payne (dtr, single) age 17, born Chesterfield occ Factory Reckitts starch boxer. Jessie Payne (dtr, single) age 14, born Rotherhithe. Thomas Payne (son) age 11, born Rotherhithe. Charles Robinson (boarder, widower) age 59, born London occ Crane driver, dock. Alfred Chamberlain (boarder) age 30, born Hitching [sic] occ Bricklayer. NA ref RG14 PN28663 RD521 SD6 ED6 Sch269