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This is page 2 of 2 tracing part of the Payne family’s history and their link by marriage to the Parris family. The records contain various spellings of the surname - Pain, Paine & Payne. The latter seems to have been in use from the late 19th century onwards and is used throughout here. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Payne Family of Cliffe & Marden, Kent

Third Generation (continued)

5.Link to census James PAYNE [Parents]. Born 7/12/1866 in Cliffe at Hoo, it is not known when James died. Occupation: Variously given in census returns as Farm labourer (1881); Loco engine driver (1891); General labourer (1901); Crane driver (1911).

In the quarter ending June 1886, when James was age 19, he married Alice SHEAVES, daughter of Isaac and Eliza SHEAVES, in Strood. Born in the quarter ending December 1867 in Gravesend, it is not known when Alice died.

They had the following children:

(1) Herbert James, born quarter ending June 1887 in Gravesend. (2) James William, born quarter ending September 1888 in Gravesend. (3) Sidney, born quarter ending December 1890 in Stockport. (4) Beatrice, born quarter ending March 1894 in Chesterfield. (5) Jessie Jean, born quarter ending June 1897 in Rotherhithe. (6) Thomas Majuba, born quarter ending June 1900 in Rotherhithe. Thomas’s second name is unusual to say the least. He may have been named after the Battle of Majuba Hill that took place on 27/2/1881 in South Africa during the First Boer War, perhaps after a relative who died there.

6.Link to census Frederick PAYNE [Parents]. Born 21 September 1872 in Cliffe at Hoo & baptized, according to St Helen’s Church, Cliffe at Hoo Register, on “23rd Sunday after Trinity 1872” i.e. 27/10/1872. Frederick died 10/4/1952 in Stone, Kent, age 79. Occupation: Variously given in census returns as General labourer (1891); Locomotive engine driver (1901); Crane driver (1911).

On 22/4/1889, when Frederick was age 16, he married Ellen CASEY, daughter of Edward & Mary CASEY, at St Mary’s Church, Stone next Dartford. Ellen was born about 1870 & died 14/6/1928 at Guy’s Hospital, London, age about 58. She was buried at Stone cemetery.

They had the following children:

(1) Frederick Edward, born quarter ending September 1889 in Cliffe at Hoo. (2) Edward, born quarter ending December 1890 in Stone, Kent. (3) James, born quarter ending March 1892 in Stone. George Payne picture(4) George, born 1/5/1893 in Stone and died 21/11/1956 in Dartford, age 63. On 3/1/1920, when George was age 26, he married Mabel BARTHOLOMEW (1895-?), daughter of Arthur William BARTHOLOMEW, an Inn-keeper, in St Mary's Church, Stone. (5) Ellen, born quarter ending March 1900 in Stone. (6) Thomas, born about 1902 in Greenhithe. (7) Rose, born about 1904 in Greenhithe. (8) Beatrice, born about 1907 in Greenhithe. (9) William, born about 1909 in Stone.

On 4/4/1931, when Frederick was age 58, he married Florence Mary MISSONS, daughter of Albert James MISSONS & Mary MARRETT, in Dartford. Florence was born 15/3/1902 in Dartford & baptized 4/4/1902 at Christ Church, Erith. She died December 1992, age 90. Their children may still be living so details have been omitted.

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7.Link to census Thomas Albert PAYNE [Parents]. Born 21/8/1878 in Cliffe-at-Hoo, Thomas Albert died quarter ending March 1967 in Chatham, age 88. Occupation: Labourer (1901, 1911); General foreman, sand and ballast pit (1939).

On 7/7/1915, when Thomas was age 36, he married Julia Annie SMITH, daughter of George SMITH, a Labourer (deceased), at the Medway district Register Office. This was nearly 10 years after the birth of their first child and 5 years after the birth of their third. Although the couple declared they had been married for 6 years in the 1911 census, there is no marriage recorded for them in 1905/06. Why they waited until 1915 is not known. Julia Annie was born 16/9/1883 in Dartford and died quarter ending December 1963 in Chatham, age 80.

They had the following children:

(1) Thomas George, born about December 1905 & baptized 7/1/1906 at St Mary’s, Stone-by-Dartford. It is not known when Thomas George died. (2) Edward Rayner, born quarter ending March 1908 in Dartford and died quarter ending September 1924, age 16. (3) Frederick William, born quarter ending March 1910 in Cliffe-at-Hoo and died quarter ending September 1967 in Chatham, age 57. (4) Gladys, born 9/10/1918. (5) Jessie, born 24/11/1923.

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