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This is page 1 of 2 tracing part of the Payne family’s history and their link by marriage to the Parris family. The records contain various spellings of the surname - Pain, Paine and Payne. The latter seems to have been in use from the late 19th century onwards and is used throughout here. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the next page button or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Payne Family of Cliffe and Marden, Kent

First Generation

1.Link to census James PAYNE. Born about 1800 in Marden, Kent, it is not known when James died. Occupation: Ag. Labourer.

James married Ellen (or Olive), maiden name possibly GRIFFIN, on an unknown date. She was born about 1800 in Marden and died 1858 in Marden, age about 57. The 1841 census provides the name Olive, the 1851 census refers to Ellen. There is no trace of a death record for an Olive Payne between 1841 and 1851, and no marriage for a James and Ellen either. So, on balance, we have concluded the censuses refer to the same person.

They had the following children:

(1) Matilda, born about 1825. (2) Harriott, born about 1828. (3) William, born about 1830 in Marden. (4) Ann, born about 1833. (5) Caroline, born about 1835. (6) Edward [2]. (7) Thomas, born about 1843 in Aldington.

In 1860, when James was age about 59, he married Jane TURNER, in Marden. Jane was born about 1812 in Maresfield, Sussex. It’s not known when she died.

Second Generation

2.Link to census Edward PAYNE [Parents].  Born 1838 in Marden, Edward died 1891 in Strood. Occupation: Ag. Labourer.

On 25/2/1860, when Edward was age about 21, he married Rebecca PARRIS, daughter of William Robert PARRIS and Margaret DULLER, in Frindsbury.

They had the following children, all born Cliffe at Hoo and baptized (where given) in St Helen’s Church:

(1) Edward John [3]. (2) William James [4]. (3) Matilda Rebecca, born 17/11/1864 and baptized 5/2/1865. (4) James [5]. (5) Caroline, born 31/1/1869 and baptized 8/3/1869. (6) Elizabeth Ann, baptized, according to the Register, on the “First Sunday in Lent” i.e. 6/3/1870. (7) Frederick [6]. (8) Olive Amy, baptized, according to the Register, on the “Second Sunday after Christmas” i.e. 3/1/1875. (9) Alice Ada, baptized, according to the Register, on the “Fourth Sunday after Trinity” i.e. 2/7/1876. (10) Thomas [7]. (11) Julia, baptized 29/5/1881. (12) Horace, born 25/5/1883 and baptized 3/7/1883. (13) Beatrice, born 12/6/1885 and baptized 5/7/1885.

Third Generation

3.Link to census Edward John PAYNE [Parents]. Born 2/5/1861 in Cliffe at Hoo and baptized 9/6/1861 in St Helen’s Church, Cliffe at Hoo. Edward died before the 1901 census, in which he does not appear.

In 1883, when Edward John was age 21, he married Clara Emma LAMBKIN. Born 1862 in Frindsbury, Clara Emma died in 1892 in Dartford, age 30.

They had the following children, all born Cliffe at Hoo and baptized (where given) in St Helen’s Church:

(1) Edward John, born 15/3/1884 and baptized 4/4/1886. (2) Clara Emma, born 27/1/1886 and baptized 30/5/1886. (3) Lilian Jane, born 1888.

4.Link to census William James PAYNE [Parents]. Born 16/1/1863 in Cliffe at Hoo and baptized 22/3/1863 in St Helen’s Church. William James died 1948 in Cliffe at Hoo, age about 85. Occupation: General labourer.

In 1884, when William James was age 21, he married Emily Alice JEFFREY. Born about 1864 in Higham, it’s not known when Emily Alice died.

They had the following children, all (except Edward John) born in Cliffe and, where given, baptized in St Helen’s Church:

(1) William, born 1885 and baptized 25/10/1885. (2) Alfred, born 14/6/1887 and baptized 31/7/1887. (3) Alice Ann, born February 1888 and baptized 9/4/1889. (4) Edward John, born 21/2/1892 in Greenwich. (5) Albert, born 1894. (6) Maud, born 6/10/1896. (7) Alma Elizabeth, born 1898. (8) Florence May, born 18/5/1901 and died 28/3/1973 in Gravesend, age 71. On 30/4/1921, when Florence May was age 20, she married Geoffrey RICHARDS in Cliffe at Hoo. Geoffrey was born 26/5/1899 in Cliffe and died 28/1/1980 in Dartford, age 80.

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