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This is page 1 of 5 tracing the history of the Monk family who were originally from Surrey, but settled in Halling & Snodland in Kent. It shows the links by marriage to the Beadle, Harris, Mayatt, Parris, & Roots families. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Monk Family of Surrey & Kent

First Generation

1. Thomas MONK. Baptized 3/7/1748 at Horley Church, Surrey, son of William and Sarah. Thomas died August 1831 in Worth, Sussex, age about 83. Thomas was buried there on 24/8/1831.

Thomas married Susan, probably in Worth, date unknown. They had the following children, all baptized in Worth:

(1) Mary, baptized 24/3/1771. (2) Thomas, baptized 22/11/1772. On 17/4/1795, when Thomas was age about 22, he married Ann BANNISTER in Worth. (3) John, baptized 20/10/1782. (4) William, baptized 21/5/1786. (5) James, baptized 20/4/1788. (6) Matthew [2]. (7) Ann, baptized 27/11/1791.

Second Generation

2.Link to census Matthew MONK [Parents]. Baptized 18/4/1790 in Worth, Sussex & died 13/3/1866 in Halling.  Matthew was buried 18/3/1866 in Halling.

Around 1816-1817, Matthew married Sarah BEARD. Sarah was born about 1795 in Lingfield, Sussex & died 3/5/1866 in Halling, where she was buried on 8/5/1866.

They had the following children, baptized in Halling unless stated otherwise:

(1) Mary, baptized 15/2/1818 in Mertsham, Surrey. (2) Amy, baptized 16/6/1819 in Mertsham. (3) James [3]. (4) William [4]. (5) Thomas [5]. (6) George, baptized 9/1/1825. (7) Susanna, baptized 29/10/1826. (8) Sarah, baptized 3/2/1828. (9)

Matthew [6]. (10) John, baptized 24/4/1831. (11) Amy, baptized 5/5/1833. (12) Alfred [7]. (13) Louisa, baptized 30/6/1839. (14) Amelia, baptized 31/10/1841.

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