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This is page 4 of 4 tracing the history of the Beadle family of Hadlow, Halling & Snodland, Kent. It shows the various (and often complex) links by marriage to the Parris, Monk & Roots families. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Beadle Family of Hadlow, Kent

15.Link to census John Thomas BEADLE [Parents]. Born quarter ending September 1859 in Birling, it is not known when John Thomas died. Occupation: Stoker; Engine driver at cement works.

IJohn Thomas Beadle & family picturen the quarter ending September 1888, when John Thomas was age about 29, he married Ellen Ann WOODEN in Strood. Born quarter ending September 1862 in Halling, Ellen Ann died 1932, age about 70.

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They had the following children, all born Malling:

(1) Frank [18]. (2) Edith May, born quarter ending December 1894. (3) Hilda Maud, born quarter ending June 1900.

16.Link to census Frederick Clement BEADLE [Parents]. Born quarter ending March 1867 in Snodland, Frederick Clement died 16/11/1948 in Halling Kent, age 81. Occupation: Stationary Engine Driver (1891); Shopkeeper & Cycle Repairer (1901); Ironmonger (1911).

An entry in the National Probate Calendar reads: “BEADLE Frederick Clement of 143 Kent Road Halling Kent died 16 November 1948 at West Hill Hospital Dartford Kent Administration London 14 February to Ethel Kate Beadle widow. Effects £687 15s 5d.” (The equivalent of around £24,286 today.)

In the quarter ending June 1889, when Frederick was age 22, he married Eliza Hannah MILLS in Maidstone. Eliza was born about 1867 & died in quarter ending March 1908 in Halling, age about 40.

They had the following children, all in born Halling:

(1) Ethel Daisy, born quarter ending September 1889. (2) Edith May, born quarter ending December 1892. (3) Frederick William, born quarter ending March 1894. (4) Florence Hilda, born quarter ending September 1895. (5) Ruth Doris, born quarter ending March 1897. (6) Mabel Eliza, born quarter ending June 1898. (7) Edward Thomas, born quarter ending June 1900. (8) Ada Lilian, born quarter ending June 1902.

In the quarter ending March 1912, when Frederick Clement was age about 45, he married Ethel Kate SANGER (nee BAKER). Ethel Kate was born quarter ending September 1884 in Maidstone & died March 1960 in Chatham, age 75. Ethel’s first marriage to Philip William SANGER (1875-1907) took place quarter ending March 1904 in Maidstone. There is no evidence Ethel had any children with either Philip or Frederick.

17.Link to census Francis Richard Parker BEADLE [Parents]. Born quarter ending June 1880 in Snodland & baptized 20/8/1880 at All Saints Church, Snodland, Francis died 28/5/1955 at St Batholomew’s Hospital, Rochester, age 75. Occupation: Engine fitter.

An entry in the National Probate Calendar reads: “BEADLE Francis Richard Parker of 3 Goddington Road Strood Rochester died 28 May 1955 at The St Bartholomews Hospital Rochester Probate London 24 September to Frank Edward Beadle engine driver and Florence Violet Markwell married woman. Effects £2164 7s 8d.” (The equivalent of around £53,451 today.)

In the quarter ending June 1900, when Francis was age about 20, he married Edith Florence MEADHURST in Strood. Edith Florence was born quarter ending December 1880 in Brighton, Sussex.

They had the following children:

(1) Frank Edward, born 18/8/1900 in Halling and baptized 7/10/1900 at St John the Baptist Church, Halling. (2) Edward Thomas, born quarter ending March 1902 in Snodland. (3) Joseph William, born quarter ending December 1904 in Strood.

Fifth Generation

Sixth Generation

18.Link to census Frank BEADLE [Parents]. Born 25/12/1890 in Snodland, Frank died of influenza in the quarter ending December 1918, age 27.

In quarter ending December 1915, when Frank was age 24, he married Agnes APPS, daughter of William APPS & Mary MATSON, in Dartford. Agnes was born 25/6/1897 in Burham. It is not known when she died.

They had the following children:

(1) Grace Agnes Ellen, born quarter ending June 1917 in Dartford & died 2005, age about 88. (2) Kathleen, born quarter ending September 1919 in Dartford.

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