Census transcript for Jonathan Rhodes Bradbury (1831-1876) & family

1841: Ryefields, Saddleworth. Ralph Bradbury age 45, occ Clothier, born in county. Mary Bradbury age 42, born in county. Sarah Bradbury age 17 occ woollen weaver, born in county. Phebe Bradbury age 15, occ woollen spinner, born in county.  Ann Bradbury age 12, born in county. Jonathan Bradbury age 10, born in county. (Son James is not mentioned.) NA ref HO107/1279/8 sch 26

1851: Marslands, Dobcross. Ralph Bradbury (head) age 56, born Saddleworth, occ Woollen Manufacturer. Mary Bradbury (wife) age 54 born Saddleworth. Jonathan Bradbury (son) age 19, born Saddleworth, occ Banker/Clerk. James Bradbury (son) age 16, born Saddleworth, scholar. Sarah Mills (dtr) age 28, born Saddleworth, occ Dressmaker. Mary Ann Mills (g'dtr) age 1, born Saddleworth. NA ref HO170/2290 page 9 sch 28

1861: Westfield Terrace, Trinity Street, Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Jonathon [sic] R. Bradbury (head) age 30, born Saddleworth Lancashire [sic] occ Wool Stapler emp. 2 men. Mary Ann Bradbury (wife) age 25, born Tunbridge Wells Kent. Mary Amelia Bradbury (dtr) age 2, born Huddersfield Yorkshire. Ralph Bradbury (son) age 10 months, born Huddersfield Yorkshire. Hannah Rodgers (serv) age 17, born Huddersfield Yorkshire occ General Servant. Ann Bradbury (serv) age 19, born Huddersfield Yorkshire occ General Servant. NA ref RG9/32/65/80 page 27 sch 142

1871: Ben Rhydding, Ilkley, Yorkshire. Jonathan R. Bradbury (visitor) age 40, born Saddleworth Yorkshire occ Wool Merchant. Mary A. Bradbury (visitor) age 35, born Canterbury Kent. Mary A. Bradbury (visitor) age 11, born Huddersfield Yorkshire. Benjamin H. Bradbury (visitor) age 5, born Huddersfield Yorkshire. Herbert Bradbury (visitor) age 8 months, born Huddersfield Yorkshire. NA ref RG10/4302/98 page 27

The household head was William MacLeod, a "Physician MD" from Scotland. Dr Macleod ran the Ben Rhydding Hydropathic Establishment  in Ilkley from 1847 to 1875. The Bradburys were listed amongst its 41 visitors and 27 servants. Today, The Craiglands Hotel occupies the establishment’s buildings and gardens.

1881: Portland Street, Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Maria [sic] Bradbury (head, widow) age 39, born Huddersfield Yorkshire. Benjamin H. Bradbury (son) age 15, born Huddersfield Yorkshire occ Student. NA ref RG11/4383/69 page 32 sch 468