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This is page 2 of 5 tracing the history of the Roots family of Luddesdown & Meopham, Kent. It shows the links by marriage to the Harris, Homewood, Monk & Parris families. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Roots Family of Luddesdown & Meopham, Kent

6.Link to census William ROOTS [Parents]. Baptized 13/2/1820 in Meopham, William died quarter ending March 1883 in Meopham, age given as 60. Occupation: General Labourer; Woodman.

In the quarter ending June 1846, when William was age 26, he married Maria JOHNSON, daughter of Jesse JOHNSON & Mary ALLCHIN. Baptized 24/9/1826 in Meopham, Maria died before 5/4/1891; she does not appear in the census of that date.

They had the following children:

(1) Thomas [14]. (2) William James [15].

7.Link to census Edward ROOTS [Parents]. Baptized 3/9/1826 in Luddesdown, Edward died before 5/4/1891; he does not appear in the census of that date. Occupation: Cement Labourer.

In the quarter ending September 1846, when Edward was age about 19, he married Sarah LOFT. Sarah was born about 1827 in Halling. It is not known when she died.

They had the following children:

(1) Alfred Sidney, born quarter ending March 1847 in Wrotham & died quarter ending March 1872, age about 34. (2) Ann, born quarter ending March 1848 in Wrotham. Ann married Henry WILDER. They had two known children: Annetta, born about 1868 & Louise Clara born about 1870. (3) Clara, born about 1850 in Wrotham. (4) William Henry [16]. (5) Louisa, born about 1856 in Meopham. (6) Edgar Arthur [17].

8.Link to census Thomas ROOTS [Parents]. Baptized 5/6/1825 in Luddesdown, Thomas died quarter ending March 1902 in Strood, age 76. Occupation: Agricultural Labourer.

On 3/11/1872, when Thomas was age 47, he married his landlady, the widow Sarah WELLARD (nee FELLMAN). Sarah was born about 1817 in Meopham. She died between 5/4/1891 & 30/3/1901; Thomas is described as a widower in the 1901 census. They had no children.

9.Link to census Henry ROOTS [Parents]. Baptized 12/2/1843 in Luddesdown, Henry died quarter ending December 1903 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Occupation: Served in the Royal Navy; also a General Labourer.

Between 1881 & 1890 Henry married Janet TAYLOR. The marriage reference cannot be found in the records. Janet was born about 1844 in Berwick-Upon-Tweed & died quarter ending March 1911 in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

There is no evidence they had any children. However, they adopted:

(1) Henrietta JOBSON, born quarter ending September 1890 in Gateshead, Co Durham.

Third Generation (continued)

Fourth Generation

Link to census10. James ROOTS [Parents]. Baptized 2/5/1841 in St Peter & St Paul Church, Luddesdown, it is not known when James died. The baptism entry in the parish register shows James' mother, Elizabeth Roots, as a single woman. No father is named.

On 7/10/1866, when James was age 25, he married Martha MONK, daughter of James MONK & Susan DREW, at St Nicholas Church, Strood. The marriage entry in the register gives James’s father as Thomas ROOTS. James appears, age 10, in the 1851 census in Luddesdown living in the household of Thomas & Ann COGGER, age 55 & 54 respectively. His relationship to the household head was described as ”illeg. son”. On this evidence, Thomas Cogger is probably James' father.

No children for James & Martha have been traced.

11.Link to census William ROOTS [Parents]. Baptized Meopham 15/2/1836, William died 22/4/1885, age 49, in Halling as a result of an accident at a chalk pit. The cause of death was certified as “Crushed under a load of chalk - killed instantly. Accident. Certificate received from W. J. Harris, Coroner for the County of Kent. Inquest held 25 April 1885.”  William was buried 26/4/1885 in Halling.

On 29/6/1861 when William was age about 25, he married Hannah PARRIS, daughter of James PARRIS & Mary Ann HARRIS, in Halling.

They had the following children, all born Halling:

(1) Mary Ann, born 6/12/1861 & died 23/1/1941 in the USA. In 1878, when Mary Ann was age 18, she married Richard Shoebridge HOMEWOOD, son of Maria HOMEWOOD. (2) Frank William [20]. (3) John, born 1866 & died 12/4/1956 in Vancouver, British Columbia, age 90. (4) William James, born 18/8/1867 & died 1957 in Massachusetts, USA, age 89. (5) Harriet Elizabeth, born 1869 and died in USA. Occupation: Domestic Servant. (6) James Parris born 1869 & died in USA, date unknown. (7) Henry, born 1875 & died 1941, age 66. Buried 2/8/1941 in Halling. (8) Emma, born 1877 & died after 1941 in Massachusetts, USA. (9) Clara, born in 1879 & died after 1941 in Massachusetts, USA. (10) Naomi, born 1882 & died in in Massachusetts, USA. Occupation: Dressmaker. (11) Frederic Alfred, born 3/8/1883 in Halling and died 28/2/1942 in Fitchburg, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA. Frederic was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Fitchburg. On 7/11/1903, when Frederic was age 20, he married Mary LAWRENCE (abt. 1881-1943) in St John the Baptist, Halling. On 11/4/1911, Frederic sailed from Liverpool with his brother James on board the Zeeland bound for Boston, Massachusetts with Fitchburg as the final destination. On 1/7/1911, Mary sailed from Liverpool with their son Frederic Laurence (1906-1944) on board the Franconia, also bound for Boston and Fitchburg.

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