Census transcript for Samuel Buckley Bradbury (1829-1876) & family

1851: Lane End, Saddleworth, Yorkshire West Riding. Sim Bradbury (head) age 46, born Saddleworth Yorkshire occ Woollen weaver. Betty Bradbury (wife) age 41, born Saddleworth Yorkshire. Samuel Buckley Bradbury (son, widower) age 22, born Saddleworth Yorkshire occ Cotton carder. Edna Bradbury (dtr) age 19, born Saddleworth Yorkshire occ Cotton [illegible]. James Bradbury (son) age 17, born Saddleworth Yorkshire occ Cotton [illegible]. John Thomas Bradbury (son) age 14, born Saddleworth Yorkshire occ Cotton [illegible]. William Bradbury (son) age 11, born Saddleworth Yorkshire occ Cotton [illegible]. Joseph Bradbury (son) age 9, born Saddleworth Yorkshire. Mary Ann Bradbury (dtr) age 7, born Saddleworth Yorkshire. Caroline Bradbury (dtr) age 1, born Saddleworth Yorkshire. Robert* [sic] Bradbury (son) age 1 day, born Saddleworth Yorkshire. NA ref HO107/2290/14 pp 20-21 sch 77

* On the 1851 census name is given as Robert, age 1 day. 1861 census gives Frederick, age 10. There is no birth entry for a Robert but there is one for Frederick. Possibily evidence of a change of mind on the name between birth day +1 and registration.

1861: Oldham, Lancashire. Samuel B. Bradbury (head) age 32, born Saddleworth Yorkshire occ Cotton Carder. Ann Bradbury (wife) age 31, born [illegible] Yorkshire. John T. Bradbury (son) age 6, born Ashton Lancashire. NA ref RG9/3020/99 page 36 sch 252

1871: 29 Emily Street, Oldham, Lancashire. Samuel Bradbury (head) age 42, born Saddleworth Yorkshire occ Carder. Ann Bradbury (wife) age 40, born Honley Yorkshire. John Thomas Bradbury (son) age 16, born Ashton-under-Lyne Lancashire occ Card room hand. Elizabeth Ann Bradbury (dtr) age 9, born Oldham Lancashire. James F. Bradbury (son) age 3, born Oldham Lancashire.  NA ref RG10/4097/103 page 23 sch 114