Census transcript for William Parris (1847-?) & family

1871: Edwards Farm, Maidstone Road, Rochester, Kent. William Parris (servant) age 22, born Cliffe Kent occ Ag Labourer. Living in the household of William Waters, age 41, a farm bailiff of 80 acres employing 4 men and 1 boy. NA ref RG10/903/4 page 1 sch 1

1891: Cobden Place, Borstal, St Margaret, Rochester, Kent. William Parris (head) age 42, born Cliffe Kent occ Farm Labourer. Emma Parris (wife) age 40, born St Margaret Kent. Frederick Parris (son) age 19, born Cliffe Kent occ Cement Labourer. George Parris (son) age 16, born Rochester Kent occ Wine Merchant's Assistant. William Parris (son) age 11, born Rochester Kent. Sarah Ann Parris (dtr) age 9, born Rochester Kent. Arthur Parris (son) age 4, born Rochester Kent. NA ref RG12/656/129 page 51 sch 331

1861: Little Oakley Cottage, Higham, Kent. William Parris (head) age 35, born Stoke Kent occ Ag Labourer. Ann Parris (wife) age 35, born High Halstow Kent. William Parris (son) age 13, born Cliffe Kent occ Farm Servant. George Parris (son) age 9, born Cooling Kent. Ann Parris (dtr) age 5, born Cliffe Kent. Henry Parris (son) age 2, born All Hallows Kent. NA ref  RG9/474/147 page 2 sch 5

1881: Cottage, Borstal, Rochester St Margaret, Kent. William Parris (head) age 32, born Cliffe Kent occ  Ag. labourer. Emma Parris (wife) age 30, born Borstal Kent. Fredrick [sic] Parris (son) age 9, born Borstal Kent. George Parris (son) age 6, born Borstal Kent. Percival Parris (son) age 4, born Borstal Kent. William Parris (son) age 2, born Borstal Kent. NA ref RG11/886/19 page 16

1901: 12 Cobden Place, High Street, Rochester, Kent. William Parris (head) age 52, born Cliffe at Hoo Kent occ Labourer for Corporation. Emma Parris (wife) age 50, born Rochester Kent. George Parris (son) age 26, born Borstal Kent occ Cellar man in wine trade. William Parris (son) age 21, born Borstal Kent occ Gardener, domestic. Sarah Parris (dtr) age 19, born Borstal Kent occ Dressmaker. Arthur Parris (son) age 14, born Borstal Kent. NA ref RG13/726/10 page 11

1851: Cooling Common Cottage, Cliffe, Kent. William Paris [sic] (head) age 23, born Stoke Kent occ Ag Labourer. Ann Paris (wife) age 23, born [illegible] Kent. William Paris (son) age 2, born Cliffe Kent. James Paris (son) age under 3 months, born Cliffe, Kent. NA ref HO107/1609/330 page 4 sch 46

1911: 26 Sidney Road, Borstal, Rochester, Kent. William Parris (head, married) age 62, born Cliffe Kent occ Labourer, City Council. Emma Parris (wife, married 41 years) age 60. Children born alive 6; Still living 5; Died 1. Born Borstal Kent. George Parris (son, single) age 36, born Borstal Kent occ Cellarman, Wine trade. Arthur Parris (son, single) age 24, born Borstal Kent occ Chauffeur, Motor trade. NA ref RG14 PN3889 RD47 SD1 ED5 Sch197

1939 Register: 26 Sidney Road, Rochester, Kent. George Parris (male, single) DoB 7 Jan 1874 occ Jobbing gardener. NA ref RG101/1771I/005/38 Letter Code: DINE Sch 62