Census transcript for Henry J. Parris (1856-?) & family

1860 (USA): Adams, La Salle County, Illinois. John A. Parris, age 29. Born England occ Laborer. Value of personal estate 70. Eliza Parris, age 29. Born England. John A. Parris, age 8. Born England. Mark A. Parris, age 6. Born England. Henry J. Parris, age 4. Born England. William Parris, age 2. Born England.

1880 (USA): No obvious match. A Henry & Julia Parris appear in La Salle County, Illinois, but both birth places were given as Massachusetts, rather than England & New York respectively. Plus, Henry’s age is 6 years older than might be expected if it was the correct Henry.

1870 (USA): Earl, La Salle County, Illinois. Henry Parris (male, white) age 14, born England. Father & mother of foreign birth. Attended school within the year. Occ Farm laborer. Henry is listed with George Stephens, a farmer, his wife and child.

1900 (USA): Crofoot Avenue, Sandwich, De Kalb County, Illinois. Henry Parris (head, white, male) age last birthday 43. Born Nov 1856 in England. Married 25 years. Father & mother born England. Year of immigration to US 1858, number of years in US 42. Occ Teacaster. Home owned, free of mortgage. Julia Parris (wife, white, female) age last birthday 44. Born Feb 1856 in New York. Married 25 years. Mother of 2 children, 1 still living. Father & mother born New York.

1910 (USA): Sandwich, De Kalb County, Illinois. Henry Parris (head, male, white) age 53, married 33 years. Born England; father & mother born England. Year of immigration to US 1858; naturalized citizen. Occ Farmer (farm rented). Julia Parris (wife, female, white) age 54, married 33 years. Mother of 3 children, 1 living. Born New York; father & mother born New York. Occ none.

1890 (USA): Not available. The 1890 census was destroyed by a fire at the Commerce Department, Washington DC, on 10/1/1921.