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Samuel Frederick Dalladay (1864-1955) built or rebuilt some ten organs in Hastings. A Londoner, Dalladay was a skilled performer who gave recitals at the Royal Albert Hall and the Crystal Palace in his youth.

In 1886 he moved to Folkestone and opened an Academy of Music; he became organist at St. John's Church, Folkestone. His organ-building activities are known to date from as early as 1903, though it was not until just before World War 1 that he moved to Hastings and opened the Sussex Organ Works, which remained in business until about 1939.

From time to time he built instruments for churches throughout England, though most of his work was in the southern counties. His two largest jobs appear to have been a 4-manual 26-stop instrument for St. Bartholomew, Reading in 1910, and a 3-manual 36-stop rebuild at Holy Trinity, Aldershot in 1925.

(Source: Julian Rhodes: “Organs of Hastings and St Leonards”.)