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This is page 3 of 11 tracing the descendants of John Parris & Jane Neville, and the links by marriage to the Beadle, Harris (of Halling), Homewood, Luchford, Mayatt, Monk, Neville, Payne, Roots & Tomkin families. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Parris Family of Wrotham, Kent

11.Link to census John PARRIS [Parents]. Born quarter ending June 1840 in Stansted, John died quarter ending September 1886 in Lambeth, age 46. Occupation: Ordinary seaman in the Royal Navy and variously described as a Steamship rigger (on his 1867 marriage certificate); Navy pensioner (on his children’s birth certificates), a rigger in a  naval dockyard and a greengrocer (in the census).

On 15/6/1867, when John was age 27, he married Ellen BLAKE in Sheppey Register Office, Kent. Ellen was born about 1850 in Jersey, Channel Islands & died quarter ending September 1880 in Sheppey, age about 30.

They had the following children:

(1) John [19]. (2) Ellen Catherine, born quarter ending June 1869 in Sheerness. (3) Ada Elizabeth, born 1/8/1870 in Sheerness and died 26/7/1920 Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan, age 49. On 31/5/1883, when Ada was age 12, she left Liverpool on board the “Sardinian” bound for Quebec, as part of the Home Children programme, arriving there 10/6/1883. On 4/8/1888, when Ada was age 17, she married James MOSIER in Toronto, Canada. They had four children. On 29/10/1896, presumably after James’ death, Ada married Archie Vinton STREETER (1875-1925) in Lansing. They divorced on 25/5/1907 on the grounds of Archie’s desertion. On 3/10/1910, when Ada was age 40, she married Clarence DRISCOLL (1877-1943) in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. (4) Catherine, born quarter ending September 1874 in Chatham. (5) Flora, born about 1878 in Strood.

In the quarter ending December 1880, when John was age 40, he married Elizabeth Julia SULLIVAN, daughter of John Michael O’SULLIVAN and Jane Ann WATKINS in the Roman Catholic Chapel, Brompton, Kent. Elizabeth Julia was born in 1860 in Upnor, Kent and died 6/4/1950 in Knaphill, Woking, Surrey, age 89.

They had the following children:

(1) Ernest John [20]. (2) Cyril John J, born 1883 and died 1884. (3) Reginald, born 16/8/1884 in Peckham. (4) Charles Montague, born 15/6/1886 in Camberwell.

After John’s death in 1886, in 1891 Elizabeth married Cyrus TIPPER (1868-1900) in Portsea. They had three children: (1) Beatrice Ida (1892-1928); (2) Cyrus William (1894-1964); (3) Sidney Arthur (1895-1977).

12.Link to census William PARRIS [Parents]. Baptized 3/5/1829 in Halling, William died quarter ending March 1889 in Strood, age about 59. Occupation: Chalk Digger.

On 20/5/1850 when William was 21, he married Mary LUCHFORD, daughter of William & Mary LUCHFORD, in Halling. Mary was baptized 15/7/1832 in Snodland & died quarter ending June 1914, age 81.

They had the following children:

(1) William [21]. (2) Thomas P. [22]. (3) James [23]. (4) Richard John [24]. (5) Henry [25]. (6) Alfred George [26]. (7) Frances Elizabeth, born 11/9/1865 in Upper Halling, Frances Elizabeth died 8/1/1931, age 65, & was buried 24/1/1931 in Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington. On 27/11/1885 when Frances Elizabeth was 20, she married James Robert JOHNSON, son of James JOHNSON & Mary Ann DOLMAN, in Maidstone. (8) Frederick Charles, born 1868 in Halling. (9) Mary, born  about 1870. (10) Albert, born  about 1873. (11) Edward [27].

13.Link to census John Alfred PARRIS [Parents]. Baptized there 27/6/1831 in Halling, it is not known when John died but he was known to be alive in 1919 & would have died in Illinois, USA where he emigrated in 1858.

On 30/7/1849 when John Alfred was 18, he married Eliza HARRIS , daughter of John HARRIS and Eliza HEATH, in Halling. Born in 1832 in Halling, Eliza died 1911 in Sandwich, DeKalb Co, Illinois, age 78. At the time of his marriage (1849) John Parris is stated to be "under-age". If his age given in the 1851 census age is accurate, he would have been 15 or 16. Witnesses were Edward Beadle & Eliza Beadle.

They had the following children:

(1) John Alfred [28]. (2) Mark [29]. (3) Henry J. [30]. (4) William [31]. (5) Amos Theodore [32]. (6) Albert Ernest [33]. (7) Celia, born about 1864 in Illinois. On 22/5/1895, when Celia was age about 30, she married Charles BURK in Ottawa, La Salle County, Illinois. (8) Melvin [34]. (9) Ella, born 1868 in Illinois. Ella died in 1959, age 91. (10) Ralph, born about 1869 in Illinois.

14. Link to censusJames G. PARRIS [Parents]. Born 1/8/1831 in Halling, James died 22/1/1905 in Winamac, Monroe Township, Pulaski County, Indiana, age 72. Cause of death certified as Neuritis; Anaemia. James was buried on 24/1/1905 at South Lawn, Winomac, Indiana.

On 28/9/1856 when James was 25, he married Fanny Mae BUTLER, in Parish of St Margaret, Rochester. Born on 14/2/1836 in Kent, Fanny Mae died 14/5/1907 in Winamac, Monroe Township, Pulaski Co, Indiana, age 71. Cause of death certified as Congestion of brain and spinal cord.

They had the following children:

(1) Francis, born 18/7/1860 in Illinois & died in Oklahoma. On 31/8/1885, when Francis was age 25, he married Nellie M. CURME (abt. 1863-?), daughter of Arthur A. CURME and Elizabeth NICHOLAS, in Wayne County, Indiana. Occupation: Methodist Minister. (2) Fanny M, born 20/1/1862 in Somonauk Township, DeKalb County, Illinois. Fanny died 18/12/1927 in Fort Dodge, Webster County, Iowa, age 65. Cause of death certified as Uraemia; Valvular heart disease. She never married. (3) Sarah Ellen, born 10/10/1863. Sarah Ellen died in 1873, age 9. (4) Jane Esther [35]. (5) Cora, born 21/9/1866 in Illinois. Cora died in 1949, age 82. (6) James William [36]. (7) Mary Ann, born 12/11/1869 in Illinois. Mary Ann died in 5/1927, age 57. (8) John Butler [37]. (9) Alice Victoria, born 8/9/1877 in Illinois. Alice Victoria died in 1959, age 81.

15.Link to census Amos PARRIS [Parents]. Baptized 9/6/1844 in Halling, Amos died quarter ending September 1923 in Epsom, Surrey, age 79. Occupation: Labourer (1871, 1881); Shopkeeper/grocer (1882); Publican (1891, 1901).

On 16/6/1866 when Amos was 22, he married Mary Ann EVEREST, in Halling. Mary Ann was born 1847 in Luddesdown.

They had the following children, all born/baptized in Halling (unless stated otherwise):

(1) Amos Edwin, baptized 2/2/1868 and died April 1901, age 33. Amos was buried 25/4/1901 in Snodland cemetery. In 1896, when Amos Edwin was age about 28, he married Eleanor Ann WOODGER (1869-1954) in Strood. (2) Alice, born 1870. In 1890, when Alice was age 20, she married Arthur COKER (abt. 1870-?) In Sevenoaks. (3) Minnie, baptized 31/3/1872 & died March 1873, age 1. (4) Charles, born 1874. (5) Maude Mary, baptized 5/8/1878 & died a few days later. Buried 11/8/1878. (6) Victoria, baptized 27/2/1880 & died 1887, age 7. (7) Arthur, baptized 5/3/1882. (8) Cyril James John, baptized 18/11/1883 at St Margaret’s, Rochester & died 1884, age 11 months. (9) Lizzie, baptized 12/4/1887. (10) Cecil, born 1888.

Fifth Generation (continued)

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