Census transcript for Frederick Wright (1848-1912) & family

1851: Curston Road, Knossington, Leicestershire. Jonathan Wright (head) age 58, born Swinford Leicestershire occ Grazer of 14 acres, ag labourer. Jane Wright (wife) age 47, born Great Easton Leicestershire. Harriet Wright (dtr) age 15, born Knossington Leicestershire. Frederick Wright (g-son) age 2, born Knossington Leicestershire. NA ref HO107/2092/377 page 12 sch 48

1861: Knossington (no street name given). Jonathan Wright (head) age 68, born Swinford occ Labourer. Jane Wright (wife) age 55, born Great Easton. Frederick Wright (grandson) age 12, born Knossington. NA ref RG9/2305/24 page 9 sch 46

1871: Coplow, Billesdon, Leicestershire. Frederic [sic] Wright (head) age 23, born Knossington Leicester occ Groom. Elizabeth Wright (wife) age 23, born Dover Kent. Charles Wright (son) age 1, born Billesdon Leicester. Infant not named, age 4 days [this is probably a reference to Harriet]. NA ref RG10/3227/31 page 31 sch 186

1881: The Coplow, Billesdon, Leicestershire. Frederick Wright (head) age 32, born Knossington occ Coachman. Elizabeth Wright (wife) age 32, born Dover Kent occ Laundress. Benjamin F. Wright (son) age 13, born Billesdon Coplow. Charles H. Wright (son) age 11, born Billesdon Coplow. Harriet Wright (dtr) age 10, born Billesdon Coplow. Jane E. Wright (dtr) age 7, born Billesdon Coplow. Henry L. Wright (son) age 6, born Billesdon Coplow. Mary A. Wright (dtr) age 4, born Billesdon Coplow. Charlotte Cook (sister in law), age 16 born Dover Kent occ Laundress. NA ref RG11/3123/28 page 22

1891: The Coplow, Billesdon, Leicestershire. Frederick Wright (head, widower) age 43, born Knossington Leicester occ Coachman, Domestic Servant. Harriet Paget (dtr, married) age 20, born The Coplow, Billesdon, Leicester. Jesse Wright (dtr) age 18, born The Coplow Billesdon, Leicester. Eva M. Wright (dtr) age 2, born The Coplow Billesdon Leicester. NA ref RG12/2494/26 page 25 sch 157

1901: 75, Middle Street North, Great Driffield, East Riding of Yorkshire. Frederick Wright (head) age 52, born Knossington Leicester occ Coachman, Groom. Elizabeth Mary Wright (wife) age 52, born Bootham Yorkshire. NA ref RG13/4519/70 page 14

1911: Howe End, Great Driffield, Kirkby Moorside, Yorkshire. Frederick Wright (head, married) age 62, born Knossington Leicestershire occ Coachman, domestic. Elizabeth Wright (wife, married 13 years) age 42. Children born alive 1; Still living 1. Born Bootham Yorkshire. Florance [sic] Mary Wright (dtr) age 8, born Driffield Yorkshire. NA ref RG14 PN29087 RD531 SD2 ED13 Sch136