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This is page 6 of 10 providing the history of two, we believe unrelated, Bradbury families in the Saddleworth area of Yorkshire. Pages 1-7 show the Fairbanks & Runninghill family’s history. Pages 8-10 show the Dig-Lee family’s history. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered (e.g. [2]) or parental ([Parents]) links.

The Bradbury Family of Saddleworth, Yorkshire

Sixth Generation

25. Link to censusSamuel Buckley BRADBURY [Parents]. Born about 1829 in Saddleworth, Samuel died quarter ending September 1876, also in Saddleworth, age about 47. Occupation: Cotton carder.

In the quarter ending December 1848, when Samuel was age about 19, he married Fanny FOX in Saddleworth. Born about 1830, Fanny died quarter ending June 1849 in Saddleworth, age about 19.

In the quarter ending March 1850, when Samuel was age about 21, he married Betty MALLALIEU in Rochdale, Lancashire. Betty was born about 1824 & died quarter ending June 1850, age about 25.

In the quarter ending September 1852, when Samuel was age about 23, he married Ann HAGUE in Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire. Ann was born about 1830 in Yorkshire. It is not known when she died.

They had the following children, all born in Oldham:

(1) John Thomas [30]. (2) Elizabeth Ann, born quarter ending March 1862. (3) James Frederick, born quarter ending March 1869. (4) Emma, born quarter ending December 1871.

26. Link to censusJoseph BRADBURY [Parents]. Born about 1835 in Saddleworth, Joseph died before 1887; he does not appear in the 1891 census where his wife, Mary, is described as a widow. Occupation: Quarryman and Farmer; Beer retailer. In “Saddleworth Pubs and their licencees 1674-1998”, Rob Magee notes that about 1882 Joseph Bradbury became beer retailer at the Waggon Inn, High Street, Uppermill. By 1887 Joseph’s widow Mary was licensee and owner. When Mary died in 1900 her son Frank took over as licensee and stayed on until 1925, when the family sold the Waggon to Robinson’s Brewery, Stockport. The Waggon Inn is still in business today.

On 20/9/1866, when Joseph was given as age 31, he married Mary Emma BROADBENT, daughter of Joseph BROADBENT, a book keeper, in Saddleworth Parish Church. Born about 1836 in Saddleworth, Mary died in 1900.

They had the following children:

(1) Frank Beckett, born about 1867. (2) Mary Ann, born about 1870. In quarter ending September 1900, when Mary Ann was age about 30, she married Ben GARTSIDE in Saddleworth. Their son Frank Gartside was born April 1901, also in Saddleworth. (3) Albert, born about 1872. (4) Sarah Jane, born about 1874. (5) Joe, born about 1876. (6) Harold, born about 1879. (7) Emma, born about 1881.

27. Link to censusReuben BRADBURY [Parents]. Born about 1849 in Saddleworth, Reuben died quarter ending December 1890 in Oldham, age about 41. Occupation: Joiner.

In quarter ending June 1873, when Reuben was age about 24, he married Mary WHITEHEAD. Born about 1852 in Mossley, Cheshire, it is not known when Mary died.

They had the following children:(1) John Whitehead [31]. (2) Mary Hannah, born quarter ending March 1877 in Tonge, Lancashire. (3) Sarah Ann, born about 1879 in Tonge.(4) Ernest, born about 1881 in Tonge.

In quarter ending December 1892, when she was age about 40, Mary married John RODGERS in Oldham.

28. Link to censusJonathan Rhodes BRADBURY [Parents]. Baptized 27/3/1831 in Saddleworth, Jonathan died in the quarter ending September 1876 in Huddersfield, age 45. Occupation: Wool Merchant.

On 14/6/1858, when Jonathan was age 27, he married Mary Ann RING, daughter of Alexander Henry RING (a boat builder) at St Nicholas of Myra Church, Strood, Kent.  Mary Ann was born about 1836 in Tunbridge, Kent. It’s not known when she died.

They had the following children, all born Huddersfield:

(1) Mary Amelia, born quarter ending June 1852 & died quarter ending March 1880, also in Huddersfield. (2) Ralph, born quarter ending June 1860 & died quarter ending March 1875, also in Huddersfield. (3) William, born quarter ending March 1862. (4) Benjamin Hall [32]. (5) Herbert Jonathan, born quarter ending September 1870 & died quarter ending September 1875, also in Huddersfield.

29. James Ratcliffe Bradbury censusJames Ratcliffe BRADBURY [Parents]. Born 9/5/1850 in Brownhills, Saddleworth and baptized 23/6/1850 in St Chad’s. James Ratcliffe died 15/11/1914 in Marshall Township, Iowa, age 64. James Ratcliffe had emigrated to the USA with his parents and sister in 1855, age 5. Occupation: Farmer.

Around 1875, when James was age about 25, he married  Mary BROCK, daughter of Alexander & Hannah BROCK, presumably in Iowa. Mary was born 25/9/1950 in Vermont and died  29/1/1929 in Marshalltown, age 64.

They had the following children, all born Marshall Township:

(1) Roy Ratcliffe [33]. (2) Carrie, born December 1882, it’s not known when she died. On 25/9/1907, when Carrie was age  24, she married Otto C. DENTZER (1883-?), son of  Charles DENTZER & Christine ORTHO, in Marshall County, Iowa. (3) Ada, born 12/7/1891. Ada died sometime before the 1900 census as the family’s entry shows three children born, two still living at that time.

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