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Several generations of the Howard family of Holmfirth, Yorkshire, worked in the woollen industry which had established itself in the area by around the late 18th century. Our starting point is the family of Luke and Jane Howard.

We have traced their descendants to Stockport, Cheshire, another in the Saddleworth area, one in Manchester and another in what nowadays would be the suburbs to the south of Leeds. The site shows the link by marriage to the Bradbury family from the nearby Saddleworth area. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured on this site, or if you want to leave us your feedback contact us.

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The town of Holmfirth originally grew up around a corn mill & bridge in the 13th century. It expanded rapidly over the next 300 years as the cloth trade grew & the production of stone & slates from the surrounding quarries increased. The present parish church was built in 1778 after the Church built in 1476 was swept away in a flood the previous year.

Holmfirth and its stunning surrounding countryside was the setting for the BBC's long-running comedy “Last of the Summer Wine”.

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The Howard Family of Holmfirth, Yorkshire

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