Obituary for William Allan Chapple from the British Medical Journal October 31 1936, page 901 “Medical News”

“The death took place in London, on October 19th, of Dr. W. A. CHAPPLE, who had been Member of Parliament for Stirlingshire and Dumfriesshire, and stood again as Parliamentary candidate, but without success, in November, 1924. William Allan Chapple, the only son of a New Zealand landowner, was born at Alexandra, Otago, on July 14th, 1864. From Alexandra School he went to Dunedin University, graduating M.B., Ch.B. in 1890, and proceeding afterwards to the M.D. He obtained the M.R.C.S.Eng. and the D.P.H. of the Irish Royal Colleges, in 1897. For the next ten years Dr. Chapple practised medicine in Wellington, and served as honorary physician to the Wellington Hospital. He was elected a member of the Victoria University College Council, and for some time represented Tuapeka in the New Zealand Parliament. Then, after travelling in many lands, he settled in this country and devoted himself to sociology and general politics. He was elected in the Liberal interest M.P. For Stirlingshire in 1910 until the dissolution at the end of 1918, and was M.P. for Dumfriesshire 1922-4. Dr. Chapple's published writings included papers on physical education in State schools, the extension of technology in education, and the evils of alcohol; and a small book on the fertility of the unfit, which appeared in 1904.”