Census transcript for Joseph Chapple (1868-1933) & family

1901: 37 Bennett Road, Bournemouth, Hampshire. Joseph Chapple (head) age 32, born London occ Bread Baker. Gertrude Chapple (wife) age 30, born Blandford Dorset. Eric A. Chapple (son) age 2, born Bournemouth Hants. Hilda G. Chapple (dtr) age 8, born Bournemouth Hants. Albert Rolf (boarder) age 20, born Hants occ Bread Baker. NA ref RG13/1041/144 page 28 sch 149

1881: West side of Street, Seaton & Beer Devon. William Chapple (head) age 42, born Beer Devon occ Fisherman. Elisabeth [sic] Chapple (wife) age 42, born Beer Devon occ Honiton Lacemaker. William Chapple (son) age 17, born Dorset Square London occ Fisherman. Joseph Chapple (son) age 12, born Manchester Square, London. NA ref RG11/2130/91 page 7 sch 40

1891: 1 Fern Villas, Malmesbury Park Road, Holdenhurst Bournemouth. Joseph Chapple (head) age 22. born London occ Baker. Gertrude Chappel [sic] age 20, born Blandford Dorset. NA ref RG12/904/158 pages 9-10 sch 368

1871: 8 Spring Street, Marylebone, London. William Chapple (head) age 33, born Beer Dorset* occ Police Constable. Elizabeth Chapple (wife) age 29, born Beer Dorset* occ Lacemaker. William Chapple (son) age 7, born Marylebone Middlesex. Joseph Chapple (son) age 2, born Marylebone Middlesex. NA ref RG10/164/23 pages 39-40 sch 243

*For both entries the enumerator crossed out the original entry "Devonshire" and wrongly inserted "Dorset".

1911: 26 West Street, Wimborne, Dorset. Joseph Chapple (head, married) age 42, born London occ Baker. Gertrude Chapple (wife, married 20 years) children born alive 3, children still living 3. Age 40, born Blandford Dorset. Hilda Gertrude Chapple (dtr, single) age 18, born Bournemouth Hants occ Confectioner shop assistant. Eric Ainsworth Chapple (son) age 12, born Bournemouth Hants. Ivor Miller Chapple (son) age 9, born Bournemouth Hants. NA ref RG14 PN12260 RD260 SD2 ED16 Sch184