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This is page 6 of 12 tracing the history of the Cochrane family from their earliest origins in Somerset and Gloucestershire to London, and the link by marriage to the Chapple family. Variations in the surname spelling occur in the records. For consistency, what became the prevalent form - Cochrane - is used here. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Cochrane Family of Somerset, Gloucestershire

Fourth Generation (continued)

10.Census link Henry COCHRANE [Parents]. Born 25/1/1850 in Shoreditch & baptized 17/2/1850 at St John the Baptist, also in Shoreditch. Henry died 23/5/1924 at 147 Marlborough Road, Islington, age 74. Cause of death certified as Broncho-Pneumonia 10 days; Cardiac Failure 2 days. Occupation: Paper hanger.

An entry in the National Probate Calendar reads: “COCHRANE Henry of 147 Marlborough Road Upper Holloway Middlesex died 23 May 1924 Administration (with Will) London 21 August to Louisa Croot (wife of John Croot). Effects £22.” (The equivalent of around £1221.00 today.)

On 6/2/1871, when Henry was age 21, he married Elizabeth CONSTABLE, daughter of Robert CONSTABLE (1820-1880) & Mary Ann PAYNE (1823-1899) at St Paul's Church, Upper Holloway, Islington. Elizabeth was born 14/9/1851 at 11 White Crop Place, Shoreditch & baptized 12/10/1851 at St Leonard, Shoreditch. She died 16/11/1939 at 14 Hanley Road, Islington, age given as 91 on the death certificate. Cause of death certified as Broncho-Pneumonia; Senile arterio-sclerosis. Elizabeth had the following child, whose father is not named on the birth certificate:

(1) William Edward, born 22/3/1870 in Islington Workhouse, Holloway. No father is named on his birth certificate. Following his mother’s marriage to Henry, William was known as William Edward Constable Cochrane [15]. He was also known as William Edwin Constable Cochrane.

Henry and Elizabeth had the following children:

(1) Charles Henry (also known as Henry Charles), born 15/5/1872 at 31 Hollingworth Street, Islington, and died 5/7/1939 at the Royal Northern Hospital, Islington, age 67. Cause of death certified as Duodenal ulcer. On 10/4/1892, when Charles was age 19, he married Flora GROVES (1870-1931), daughter of Arthur Lawton GROVES & Ann ROBERTS, at St Anne's Church, Islington. (2) Eliza, born 28/2/1874 at 8 Hollingworth Street, and died 4/1/1953 in Islington, age 78. Cause of death certified as Coronary Atheroma; Hypertension. On 2/7/1893, when Eliza was age about 18, she married William Edward CHARKER (1868-1915), son of Henry CHARKER, a wine butler, at St Mary Parish Church, Islington. On 21/4/1921, when she was age 45, the widowed Eliza married William Henry BURN (1873-?), son of Thomas BURN (deceased),  at Islington Register Office. (3) John [16]. (4) Emily, born 31/5/1877 at 13 Hollingworth Street, and died 22/2/1960 in Croydon, age 82. Cause of death certified as Congestive cardiac failure. On 29/12/1897, when Emily was age 20, she married Harry Ernest PIKE (1878-1948), son of George William PIKE, a builder, at Emmanuel Parish Church, Islington. (5) Frederick [17]. (6) Margaret, born 3/3/1880 at 171 Holloway Road, Islington, and died 2/1/1967 at 26 Trinder Road, Islington, age 86. Cause of death certified as Broncho-pneumonia; Myocardial degeneration; Osteo-arthritis. On 11/6/1905, when Margaret was age 24, she married Frederick William ROLPH (1880-?), son of George ROLPH, a bricklayer, at St Stephen's, Upper Holloway, Islington. (7) Benjamin Robert [18]. (8) Grace, born 6/11/1883 at 39 Whistler Street, Islington, and died 2/7/1954 at 26 Trinder Road, age 70. Cause of death certified as Secondary carcinoma of lungs; Primary carcinoma of breast. (9) Rose, born 7/5/1886 at 18 Dillon Place, Islington and died 6/10/1971 at the General Hospital, Southend-on-Sea, age 85. Cause of death certified as Coronary thrombosis. On 25/12/1907, when Rose was age 21, she married Walter James BALL (1879-1962), son of James BALL, an Engineer, at St Stephen's, Upper Holloway. (10) May, born 26/11/1887 at 126 Marlborough Road, Islington, baptized 28/12/1887 at St Mary, Hornsey Rise. May died 24/12/1970 at 46 Potters Lane, New Barnet, age 83. Cause of death certified as Coronary thrombosis. On 31/3/1907, when May was age 19, she married Herbert PIKE (1885-?), son of George William PIKE, a builder, at St Mark, Tollington Park, Islington. (11) Robert, 17/8/1889 at 44 Hampden Road, Islington, and died 19/3/1953 at the Whittington Hospital, Islington, age 53. Cause of death certified as Pulmonary tuberculosis; Haematemesis due to duodenal ulcer. On 24/11/1907, when Robert was age 18, he married Alice Ruth WATKINS (1887-1944), daughter of Henry WATKINS, a Labourer, at St Stephen's, Upper Holloway, Islington. (12) George, born 15/5/1891 at 45 Wellington Road, Islington, and died in 1/7/1967 at 27 Eldon Road, Edmonton, age 76. Cause of death certified as Congestive cardiac failure; Arteriosclerotic hypertension with chronic bronchitis. On 7/5/1911, when George was age 19, he married Nellie Marian BROOKS, daughter of Alfred BROOKS, a silversmith, at St Saviour's Church, Islington. (13) Thomas [19].

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