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This is page 19 of 19 tracing the history of the Chapple family of Devon. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Chapple Family of Devon

Twelfth Generation (continued)

100. Link to censusWilliam Henry CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born quarter ending June 1872 in Beer, Devon, William Henry died quarter ending March 1932 in Exeter, age about 59. Occupation: Fisherman.

In the quarter ending December 1904, when William Henry was age 32, he married Julia Fanny SLADE in Axminster. It is not known when Julia was born or when she died.

They had the following children, all born Axminster:

(1) Edward Charles, born December 1905. Edward died quarter ending December 1949 in Yarmouth, Norfolk, age 44. In 1929, when Edward was age about 23, he married Winifred Doris Ada FAY in Wandsworth, London. (2) Leonard William, born quarter ending December 1908. Leonard died April 1972 in Berkhamsted, age 63. In the quarter ending March 1937, when Leonard was age 29, he married Emily Alberta MAY in Surrey. (3) Arthur, born quarter ending September 1915. (4) David, born quarter ending March 1920. (5) Margaret, born quarter ending March 1922.

101.Link to census Frederick Percy CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 16/4/1888 in Seaton & Beer and baptized there 10/6/1888. Frederick Percy died quarter ending June 1955 in Honiton, age 67. Occupation: Fisherman (1911); Builder’s labourer (1939).

On 18/4/1911, when Frederick Percy was age 22, he married Alice Maud EDWARDS (4/12/1887-?), daughter of William EDWARDS, a Labourer, in Colyton Parish Church.

They had the following children:

(1) Charles Frederick, born 13/11/1915 in Axminster & died September 1992 in Honiton, age 76. In 1939, when Charles was age about 23, he married Kathleen Mary FRIAR (1916-1987) in Honiton. (2) Patricia, born 28/2/1919 in Axminster. It’s not known when she died. In 1940, when Patricia was age about 20, she married Albert FOWLER in Honiton.

102.Link to census Thomas Henry CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born quarter ending June 1885 in Axminster, Thomas died 16/8/1966 in Portsmouth, age 81. Occupation: Fruiterer & Greengrocer.

An entry in the National Probate Calendar reads: “CHAPPLE Thomas Henry of 52 Chelsea Road Southsea Portsmouth died 18 July 1966 Administration Winchester 16 August to Marjorie Chapple widow. £495.” (The equivalent of around £8,662 today.)

In the quarter ending March 1906, when Thomas was age about 20, he married Alice Beatrice MILLER in Portsmouth. Alice was born quarter ending March 1880 in Portsmouth & died there quarter ending June 1935, age 55.

They had the following children, both born Portsmouth:

(1) Edna May, born quarter ending March 1907. (2) Hilda Gladys, born quarter ending September 1909.

In the quarter ending December 1944, when Thomas was age 59, he married Margery EDMUNDS in Portsmouth. It is not known when Margery was born or when she died.

103.Link to census Frederick Robert CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born on 19/11/1887 in Leeds, Frederick Robert died 1/1/1959 in Leeds, age 71. Buried in Lawnswood cemetery, Leeds.

On 17/6/1915 when Frederick Robert was 27, he married Evelyn GLEDHILL in Leeds. Born 30/10/1888 in Holbeck, Evelyn died 17/12/1916 in Leeds, age 28.

In the quarter ending March 1934, when Frederick Robert was age 46, he married Edith Mary BENN in Leeds. Born on 8/5/1907 in Heckmondwicke, Edith Mary died 29/1/1974 in Stroud, Gloucestershire, age 66. They had 1 child who is still living.

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