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This is page 17 of 19 tracing the history of the Chapple family of Devon. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Chapple Family of Devon

Twelfth Generation (continued)

89.Link to census Joseph CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born about 1868 in Manchester Square, Marylebone, Joseph died 6/6/1933 in Wimborne, Dorset, age about 65. Occupation: Baker.

Entries in the National Probate Calendar read: “CHAPPLE Joseph of 2 Meadow View Walford Wimborne Dorsetshire died 6 June 1933 Probate (save and except settled land) London 16 September to Eric Ainsworth Chapple grocer's assistant and Ivor Miller Chapple engineer. Effects £2409 12s. Former Grant P.R. 19 February 1934.” (The equivalent of around £152,312 today.)

“CHAPPLE Joseph of 2 Meadow View Walford Wimborne Dorsetshire died 6 June 1933 Probate (limited to settled land) London 19 February to Eric Ainsworth Chapple grocer's assistant and Hilda Gertrude Rowe (wife of Charles Rowe). Effects £1100. Former Grant P.R. 16 September 1933.” (The equivalent of around £63,000 today.)

In quarter ending March 1891, when Joseph was age about 22, he married Gertrude PALMER in Christchurch, Hampshire. Gertrude was born about 1870 in Blandford, Dorset.

They had the following children, both born in Bournemouth:

(1) Hilda Gertrude, born quarter ending September 1892. (2) Eric Ainsworth, born quarter ending September 1898. (3) Ivor Miller, born 8/7/1901, died quarter ending March 1971 in Christchurch, age 69.

90.Link to historical note William Allan CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 14/7/1864 in Alexandra, New Zealand, William died 19/10/1936 in Paddington, London, age 72. He trained as a doctor in New Zealand and had a high profile practice which he combined with a number of business ventures & local politics. William represented the Tuapeka electorate in the New Zealand House of Representatives from June to October 1908 after a by-election, but was defeated in the general election of 1908. He sailed for England in 1910 & represented Stirlingshire in the House of Commons from 1910 until 1918. Following boundary changes in 1918, he was unsuccessful in Clackmannon & East Stirlingshire, but was returned as member for Dumfrieshire from 1922-1924. See William’s Wikipedia entry.

On 1/1/1891 when William Allan was 26, he married Sarah Douglas TURNBULL, in Wellington, New Zealand. Born in 1870 in San Francisco, Sarah died in the quarter ending December 1954 in Cuckfield, Sussex, age 84.

They had the following children:

(1) Louisa Douglas, born 16/12/1891 in Motueka, New Zealand. Louisa died 17/2/1985 in Haywards Heath, Sussex, age 93. An entry in the National Probate Calendar reads “BLAKER Louisa Douglas of Walstead Pl Lindfield W Sx [West Sussex] died 17 February 1985 Probate London 12 August £247,390. (Worth around £757,000 today.) On 30/6/1921, when Louisa was age 29, she married Cedric BLAKER (1889-1965) in St George Hanover Square, London. They had two children one of whom, Peter Allan Renshaw Blaker (1922-2009), became The Rt Hon. The Lord Blaker KCMG PC from 1994 until his death. (2) Nelca Allan, born 14/1/1894 in Wellington. Nelca died quarter ending March 1949 in Barkston Ash, Yorkshire, age 55. On 18/2/1919, when Nelca was age 25, she married Eric George Norton GRIMBLE (1893-1966) at St Margaret’s, Westminster, London. (3) Elizabeth Ewing, born 31/3/1896 in Wellington. Elizabeth died quarter ending December 1971 in Hove, Sussex, age 75. In the quarter ending December 1930, when Elizabeth was age 34, she married Charles Eric Sinclair BODINGTON (1895?-1970) in London. (4) Jean Stewart, born 27/7/1900 in Wellington. Jean died 1994 in Worthing, Sussex, age about 94. (5) & (6) Twins, names unknown, born & died 1905.

91.Link to census Robert John CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 15/6/1854 in Exeter, Robert John died 6/4/1902 in Leeds, age 47. Buried in Woodhouse cemetery, Leeds.

On 20/12/1883 when Robert John was 29, he married Emma Jane Eliza PIGGOTT, in Leeds. Born 12/7/1851 in Buckden, Huntingdonshire, Emma Jane Eliza died 29/6/1949 in Leeds, age 97.

They had the following children:

(1) Dorothy Maud, born 12/2/1885 in Birmingham, Dorothy died 16/3/1974 in Gloucester, age 89. Dorothy Maud married James Arthur MICHEL. Born on 8/12/1881 in Leeds, James Arthur died 14/3/1964 in Leeds, age 82. (2) Frederick Robert [103].

92.Link to census Cecil Harry Cridge CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 3/2/1900 in Stockland and baptized 8/4/1900 in Dalwood, Cecil Harry Cridge died in December 1978 in Honiton, age 77. Occupation: Farmer

On 23/1/1923 when Cecil Harry Cridge was age 22, he married Dorothy Daisy BAGWELL, daughter of Henry Frank BAGWELL and Mary Jane Critchell, in Marshwood, Dorset. Born 25/2/1903 in Marshwood, and baptized there 30/3/1903, Dorothy Daisy died in March 1999 in Axminster, age 96.

They had the following children:

(1) Jack Ralph, born 14/1/1932 in Axminster. Jack Ralph died in 1996, age 64. And 4 others who may still be living.

93.Link to census Edgar George Oliver CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 16/6/1895 in Axminster, Edgar George Oliver died quarter ending December 1983 in Warminster, Wiltshire, age 88.

In the quarter ending March 1921, when Edgar George Oliver was age 25, he married Edith Hannah ROWE in Beaminster, Dorset. Edith Hannah was born 4/2/1897 in Axminster & died 1980, age 83.

They had the following children:

(1) John William, born 12/10/1921 & died 1971, age 49. (2) Frances, born 14/7/1923. (3) Thomas, born 7/3/1925. And one other who may still be living.

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