Census transcript for Jesse Oliver Chapple (1867-1934) & family

1871: Labourer's Cottage, Chantry Wood, Kilmington, Devon. Richard Chapple (head) age 36, born Axminster Devon occ Ag Labourer. Amelia Chapple (wife) age 34, born Chard Somerset. William Chapple (son) age 8, born Axminster Devon. Thomas* [sic] Chapple (son) age 7, born Kilmington Devon. Alfred Chapple (son) age 5, born Kilmington Devon. Jessee [sic] Chapple (dtr [sic])** age 4, born Kilmington Devon. Elizabeth Chapple (dtr) age 2, born Kilmington Devon. George Chapple (son) age 7 months, born Kilmington Devon. NA ref RG10/2033/91 page 6 sch 24

* This entry can only refer to Richard and Amelia’s son Thornhill.

** This entry can only refer to Richard and Amelia’s son Jesse Oliver.

1881: Labourer's Cottage, Chantry Wood, Kilmington, Devon. Jesse Chapple (servant), age 14, born Kilmington Devon occ Farm servant (indoors). Living in household of Benjamin White (head), age 62, occ Farmer of 112 acres employing 1 man, born Shute Devon. Johana White (wife), age 62, occ farmers wife, born Kilmington Devon. George White (son), age 22, occ Farmers son porter (Ag), born Colyton Devon. Elizabeth Quick (servant), age 26, occ Domestic servant, born Kilmington Devon. NA ref RG11/2128/55 page 6

1891: Lee Cottage, Stapleton, Gloucestershire. Jesse Chapel [sic] (Boarder) age 24, born Axminster Devon occ Carter. Living in the household of William Thomas, age 60, a Carter for Market Gardener. NA ref RG12/1992/116 page 23 sch 126

1901: Castle Street, Axminster, Devon. Jesse Chapple (head) age 34, born Kilmington Devon occ gardener. Frances Chapple (wife) age 25, born Lyme Regis Dorset. Edgar Chapple (son), age 6, born Axminster Devon. Bessie North (servant) age 15, born Axminster, Devon occ General servant (domestic). NA ref RG13/2017/9 page 10

1911: 2 Church Street, Axminster, Devon. Jesse Oliver Chapple (head, married) age 42, born Axminster Devon occ Gardener. Emily Chapple (wife, married 1 year), age 40, born London Finsbury. Edgar George Oliver Chapple (son, single) age 15, born Axminster Devon occ Groom NA ref RG14 PN12508 RD268 SD2 ED8 Sch55