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This is page 14 of 19 tracing the history of the Chapple family of Devon. If you have a connection to any individual or family featured here, or if you want to leave us your feedback, contact us. Browse by clicking the last page/next page buttons or following the numbered e.g. [2] or parental [Parents] links.

The Chapple Family of Devon

74. Mary Jane CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 31/5/1870 in Membury, Mary Jane died 4/12/1956 in Membury, age 86.

About 1900, when Mary Jane was 29, she married James BALDWIN, son of James BALDWIN & Frances BAILEY.  Born in 1878 in Harrow, James died 15/2/1959 in Membury, age 81.

They had the following children:

(1) Andrew James, born 27/12/1902 in Sudbury. Andrew James died 1/12/1984, age 81. Occupation: Builder. (2) William George, born 1/5/1904. William George died 17/2/1987, age 82. On 6/10/1928 when William George was 24, he married Winifred Emily VALENTINE, in Harrow-on-the-Hill. Born 20/7/1908, Winifred Emily died 3/4/1993, age 84. (3) Thomas Frank, born 29/7/1905 in Sudbury. Thomas Frank died 10/5/1998 in Croxley Green, age 92. He married Beatrice Emma DORMER. Born 20/6/1902 in Waddesdon, Bucks, Beatrice Emma died 21/1/1984 in Wembley, age 81. (4) Charles, born 10/2/1907 in Sudbury. Charles died 7/3/1981, age 74. Occupation: Builder. Charles married Violet (maiden name unknown). Violet was born 1910 and died 1997, age 87. (5) Frances Mary, born 1911 & died 1990, age 79. About 1935 she married Edgar John LEGG. Born in 1905, Edgar John died 1990 in Membury, age 85. (6) Louisa Rose, born 6/1/1914. Louisa Rose married Raymond L. POWELL. Born on 6/11/1910, Raymond died 20/9/1994, age 83.

75. Link to censusWilliam Henry CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 1862 in Axminster, William Henry died in 1934, age 72.

In the quarter ending June 1885, when William Henry was age about 23, he  married Ann HARRIS in Redruth, Cornwall. Ann was born 1864. It’s not known when she died.

They had the following children:

(1) Rita Mildred, born 1886, Rita Mildred died 1978, age 92. In 1920 when Rita Mildred was 34, she married Leslie James GALLAGHER. (2) Laura May, born 1888 & died 1918, age 30. (3) William Richard, born 1891 & died 1961, age 70. In 1955 when William Richard was 64, he married Joyce M. CURTIS.

In the quarter ending June 1897, when William Henry was age about 35, he married Ennetta Ellen THOMAS. Born in 1869, Ennetta Ellen died 1939, age 70.

They had the following children, all born Axminster:

(1) Esme Kathleen, born 1898. (2) Inez Vera, born quarter ending September 1899. (3) Maida Audna Carina, born quarter ending September 1909.

76.Link to census Thornhill CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born in 1863 in Axminster, Thornhill died 1897 in Axminster, age about 34. Occupation: Variously given as servant; general labourer; post boy.

In the quarter ending September 1890, when Thornhill was age about 27, he married Mary Amelia MANN in Axminster.

They had the following children:

(1) Ella May, born 1890. (2) Eva Amelia, born 1891. (3) George Thornhill, born 1893 & died 1895 in Axminster, age 2. (4) Thornhill Victor born & died in 1897 in Axminster.

77.Link to census Jesse Oliver CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 1867 in Kilmington and baptized there 3/3/1867. Jesse Oliver died 1934 in Axminster, age 67. Occupation: Farm servant (indoors).

In the quarter ending September 1893, when Jesse Oliver was age about 26, he married Frances Susan MAJOR, in Axminster.

They had one child:

(1) Edgar George Oliver [93].

In the quarter ending March 1910, when Jesse Oliver was age about 43, he married Emily PARSONS in Axminster.

They had one child:

(1)  William Oliver, born 1911.

78.Link to census John George CHAPPLE [Parents]. Born 1870 in Kilmington and baptized there 6/9/1870. John George died 1924 in Morriston, Glamorgan. Occupation: Confectioner.

On 26/7/1892, when he was 22, John George married Alice THOMAS in Swansea, Glamorgan. Alice was born about 1871 & registered as Alice EVERETT in South Shields, County Durham. It is not known when she died.

They had the following children, all born Morriston:

(1) Amelia, born quarter ending December 1893. (2) Frances Ella, born quarter ending September 1895 & died quarter ending June 1911, age 15. (3) Thornhill George [94]. (4) Richard John, born quarter ending March 1900. (5) George, born quarter ending June 1904 in Morriston & died quarter ending December 1904. (6) Frederick Oswald, born quarter ending March 1908. (7) George Albert, born quarter ending Deember 1909. (8) William Norman, born quarter ending December 1911 & died 8/9/1961, age 49. (9) Gwendoline, born quarter ending December 1915.

Twelfth Generation (continued)

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