Census transcript for Albert Tippins (1842-1890) & family

1851: 2 Vincent Place, Hackney, London. William Tippin [sic] (head) age 43, born Hoxton Middlesex occ Pianoforte Tuner. Martha Tippin (wife) age 40, born St Lukes Middlesex. Robert Tippin (son) age 21, born Hoxton Middlesex occ Pianoforte Maker. William Tippin (son) age 19, born Hoxton Middlesex occ Pianoforte Maker Appentice. Martha Tippin (dtr) age 16, born born Hoxton Middlesex. Mary Ann Tippin (dtr) age 12, born Islington Middlesex. Susanah Tippin (dtr) age 10, born Islington Middlesex. Albert Tippin (son) age 9, born Islington Middlesex. Henry Tippin (son) age 8, born West Hackney. Charlotte Tippin (dtr) age 7, born West Hackney. Katherine [sic] Tippin (dtr) age 5, born West Hackney. Thomas Tippin (son) age 3, born West Hackney. Frederick Tippin (son) age 1, born West Hackney. George Tippin (son) age 4 months, born West Hackney. NA ref  HO107/1504/499 page 64-65 sch 264

1861: 1 Vincent Place, Hackney, London. William Tippins (head) age 53, born St John, Hackney occ Pianoforte Maker. Elizabeth Tippins (wife) age 35, born Middlesex. Susanah [sic] Tippins (dtr) age 20, born Middlesex. Albert Tippins (son) age 19, born Middlesex. Henry Tippins (son) age 18, born St John, Hackney. Charlotte Tippins (dtr) age 16, St John, Hackney. Catherine Tippins (dtr) age 15, born St John, Hackney. Thomas Tippins (son) age 13, born St John, Hackney. Frederick Tippins (son) age 11, born St John, Hackney. John Tippins (son) age 2, born St John, Hackney. Rosa Tippins (dtr) age 2 months, born St John, Hackney. NA ref RG9/156/81-82 page 36-37 sch 200

1871: GN Railway Station Road, Quarrington, Lincolnshire. Albert Tippins (head) age 30, born Hackney London occ Photographic Artist. Eliza Tippins (wife) age 32, born Grantham Lincs. Mary Tippins (dtr) age 6, born Grantham Lincs. NA ref RG10/3350/75 page 22 sch 136

1891: 212 New Kent Road (3 rooms), Bermondsey, London. Eliza P. Tippins (head, widow) age 52, born Grantham Lincs occ Dressmaker. Martha Tippins (dtr) age 19, born Sleaford Lincs occ [illegible] Leaf Stripper. Albert Tippins (son) age 16, born Sleaford Lincs occ Factory boy (Cigar manufacturer). George W. Tippins (son) age 14, born Sleaford Lincs occ Bottle Labeller. Ada I. Tippins (dtr) age 10, born Sleaford Lincs. Ethel E. Tippins (dtr) age 8, born Sleaford Lincs. NA ref RG12/345/168 page 5 sch 42

1881: 61 Jarmyn Street, Sleaford, Lincolnshire. Albert Tippins (head) age 39, born Kingsland Middx occ Photographer. Eliza Tippins (wife) age 40, born Grantham Lincs. Martha Tippins (dtr) age 9, born Quarrington Lincs. Albert Tippins (son) age 6, born Sleaford Lincs. George W. Tippins (son) age 4, born Sleaford Lincs. Ada I. Tippins (dtr) age 4 months, born Sleaford Lincs. Mary Brown (step-dtr) age 16, born Manthorpe Grantham Lincs. NA ref RG11/3223/6 page 3, sch 12

1891: 100 Woodland Street, Hackney, London. Mabel Tippins (neice) age 5, born New Kent Road, London. Living in household of her uncle and aunt James Riddle (head) age 50, born Halstead, Essex occ Commercial Traveller. Susannah Riddle (wife) age 50, born Kingsland, London. NA ref RG12/193/59 page 46 sch 286

1901: 29 Brampton Road, Tottenham, Middlesex. Mrs E. P. Tippins (head, widow) age 62, born Grantham, Lincs. Albert Tippins (son) age 26, born Sleaford Lincs occ Manufacturer of Cigars. George Wm. Tippins (son) age 24, born Sleaford Lincs occ Window Cleaner. Ethel Tippins (dtr) age 18, born Sleaford Lincs occ Postage Stamp Perforator. Alice Mabel Tippins (dtr) age 15, born Southwark, London occ Postage Stamp Perforator. NA ref RG13/1252/180 page 48 sch 307