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Census transcript for

Thomas William Grover (1864-1945) & family

1871: Bernard Street, St Albans. William Grover (head) age 58, born Sarratt Herts occ Brewer's Labourer. Harriet Grover (wife) age 47, born St Peters Herts occ Hat Sewer. Thomas W. Grover (son) age 6, born St Albans Herts. Mary A. Burridge (dtr in law [sic]) age 22, born St Peters Herts occ Hat Trimmer. Catherine A. Burridge (dtr in law [sic]) age 17, born St Albans Herts occ Hat Trimmer. Esther R. Burridge (dtr in law [sic]) age 15, born St Peters Herts occ Hat Sewer. Mary Burridge (mother in law) age 78, born St Albans Herts.The "Deaf and Dumb, Blind" etc column on the line for Mary is noted "Paralysis". NA ref RG10/1115/27 page 47 sch 287

1881: 401 & 403 Brixton Road, Lambeth, London. William T. Grover [sic] (Assistant) age 16, born St Albans Herts occ Baker's Assistant. Household head James Leighton, a Baker, employed a Manageress, two domestic servants and ten assistants. NA ref RG11/617/80 page 29 sch 127

1891: Milton Road, Ware, Herts. Thomas W. Grover (head) age 26, born St Albans, Herts occ Fire & Life Insurance Agent. Elizabeth Grover (wife) age 26, born Belfast Ireland, Ethel H. Grover (dtr) age 3, born Hitchin, Herts. Eveline [sic] Grover (dtr) age 1, born Stansted Abbotts, Herts. Ada Pickett (servant) age 12, born Ware Herts occ General Servant (domestic). NA ref  RG12/1094/65 page 23 sch 143

1901: Massey Brook Lane, Booths Hill, Lymm, Cheshire. Thomas W. Grover (head) age 36, born St Albans Herts occ Stud Groom, Horse and Trainer. Elizabeth Grover (wife) age 36, born Belfast, Ireland. Ethel H. Grover (dtr) age 13, born Hitchin Herts. Eveleen H. Grover (dtr) age 11, born Stanstead Herts. Edward G. Grover (son) age 5, born Coleraine Ireland. Annie E. Grover (dtr) age 2, born Belfast Ireland. Thomas W. Grover (son) age 10 months, born Lymm Cheshire. William A. Cooper (boarder) age 18, born Warrington, Lancashire occ Groom, domestic. NA ref  RG12/1094/65 page 23 sch 143