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Frank Herbert Roots (1884-1953) & family

1891: 8 Jupps Cottages, Halling, Kent. Frank W. Roots (head) age 27, born Halling, Kent occ Chalk labourer. Emma Roots (wife) age 26, born Buckinghamshire. Frank Herbert Roots (son) age 6, born Halling Kent. Ada Emma Roots (dtr) age 5, born Halling Kent. Ethel Elizabeth Roots (dtr) age 4, born Halling Kent. Charles Daniel Roots (son) age 2, born Halling Kent. Isabella Ruth Roots (dtr) age 1, born Halling Kent. "Baby just born" (this would be Helena Naomi) age 1 day, born Halling Kent. NA ref missing from folio

1901: 3 Walnut Tree Cottages (4 rooms), Halling, Kent. Frank Roots (head) age 37, born Halling Kent occ Chalk quarry labourer. Emma Roots (wife) age 36, born Princes Risborough Bucks. Frank Roots (son) age 16, born Halling Kent occ Horse driver groom. Ruth Roots (dtr) age 11, born Halling Kent. Charles Roots (son) age 12, born Halling Kent. Helena N. Roots (dtr) age 9, born Halling Kent. Gertrude S. Roots (dtr) age 7, born Halling Kent. Olive H. Roots (dtr) age 6, born Halling Kent. Daniel G. Roots (son) age 4, born Halling Kent. Naomi Ivy Roots (dtr) age 1, born Halling Kent. NA ref RG13/719/47 page 15 sch 80

1911: On board the cruiser HMS Highflyer, Captain Arthur R. Hulbert, stationed in the East Indies. Frank H. Roots (married) age 26, born Upper Halling Kent. Rank Stoker Petty Officer. Other particulars: Wesleyan. (Total number of men and boys recorded in the ship's books and on board at census night - 505. Not on board - 2. Persons on board but not on ship's books (passengers) - 11.) NA ref RG14 PN34972 RD640 ED Vessels - Royal Navy

1911: 36 Brunswick Street, Maidstone, Kent. George Snashfold (head, married) age 30, born Maidstone Kent occ Tractor engine driver. Hilda Snashfold (wife, married under 1 year) age 31. No children. Born Maidstone Kent. Easter [sic - should read Esther] Snashfold (mother, widow) age 59, born Maidstone Kent. Ivy Snashfold (sister, single) age 17, born Maidstone Kent occ Laundry maid. Ellen Roots (sister, married 5 years) age 28. Children born alive 2; Still living 2. Born Maidstone Kent. Frank Roots (nephew) age 4, born Maidstone Kent. Ileen [sic - should read Eileen] Roots (niece) age under 1 month, born Maidstone Kent. NA ref RG14 PN4132 RD51 SD3 ED5 Sch251

1939 Register: 129 Foster Clark Estate, Maidstone, Kent. Frank H. Roots (male, married) DoB 3 Sep 1884 occ Builder's labourer (heavy work). Ellen Roots (female, married) DoB 12 Jul 1883 occ Unpaid domestic duties. Frank C. G. Roots (male, single) DoB 13 Jun [sic] 1907 occ General labourer (heavywork). Plus 3 entries that remain officially closed. NA ref RG101/1747F/017/33 Letter Code: DIBB Sch 191